Hi-Drip Melon Patch Ejuice


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Melon Patch eJuice by Hi-Drip is a classic! Every puff offers the delicious flavor of chewy taffy candy infused with the taste of juicy watermelon. Indulge in your sweets cravings and grab your 100mL bottle with 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg nicotine strength today! Brand: Hi-Drip / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruit Melon Patch Ejuice Description Melon Patch by Hi-Drip is an all-around captivating vape juice that will capture your taste buds after just one puff. The flavors of juicy watermelon candy are at your fingertips, and your sub-ohm tank has never seen a vape juice this tasty! On the inhale, you’ll taste a rush of mouthwatering watermelon nectar, and on the exhale, the truly sweetness of the taffy comes through. Each and every draw is layered, so you can experience each note of this flavor separately and enjoy the layers and layers of flavors.The fresh-pulled taffy flavor comes from a notable old recipe for candy that is older than time. This recipe includes premium ingredients for just the right amount of sweetness and juiciness, making your mouth water after just one taste. If your sweet tooth can’t be controlled, put something sweet and delicious in your tank and kick your cravings to the curb! Experience a taffy candy flavor like nothing you’ve vaped before with Melon Patch eJuice by Hi-Drip.


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