Hitt Go Banana Ice Disposable Vape Pen


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The Hitt Go Banana Ice Disposable Vape Pen is designed by vape experts to blow you away (pun intended) with every puff. Each pocket-size vape offers up to 400 puffs of creamy banana and icy menthol flavors, perfectly refreshing for an any time pick-me-up. Shop eJuice Deals now for an affordable price! Brand: Hitt / Puff Count: 400 / Battery: 280mAh / Flavor Type: Fruit, Menthol Hitt Go Banana Ice Disposable Vape Pen Description If you’re a vaper on the go, the tedious maintenance of a full-size vape device might be slowing you down, not to mention the hefty price of vape hardware. Luckily, eJuice Deals has you covered with the affordable and portable Hitt Go Banana Ice Disposable Vape Pen! This tiny yet mighty vape offers up to 400 delightfully fruity puffs, packed with smooth banana and refreshing menthol flavors. Every puff comes from the pre-filled tank with 5% nic salt e-juice, powered by the internal 280mAh battery, meaning no refilling or recharging is required. Simply puff to activate and you’re on your way to hundred of delicious puffs. The banana ice flavor from Hitt Go is just as invigorating and tasty as it sounds. On the inhale, you’ll taste rich ripe banana, and on the exhale, that sweetness gives way to smooth menthol ice. Each draw is like a kiss of summertime, with fresh and authentic flavors to keep you coming back to this vape again and again. Instead of lugging around a bulky vape device while you’re out and about, grab a handy Hitt Go Banana Ice Disposable Vape Pen at eJuice Deals today!


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