ICE Monster eJuice Synthetic – Mangerine Guava Ice – 100ml / 3mg

ICE Monster eJuice Synthetic – Mangerine Guava Ice


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Ice Monster has taken fruit blends to the next level by dreaming up Mangerine Guava vape juice. The combination of bright tangerines and tropical guava is guaranteed to invigorate your taste buds like a delicious smoothie. The addition of chilly menthol makes this e-liquid as refreshing as can be. As you inhale Mangerine Guava vape juice, tropical guava flavor tingles on each taste bud as its tangy and sugary taste sends you off to paradise. Then, a sweet tangerine flavor with its cheery citrus taste quenches your thirst. As you exhale, an ice-cold menthol stream cools you down.75% VGSynthetic Tobacco-Free Nicotine


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