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Want smoother flavorful puffs? Try Mango Strawberry eJuice by Juice Head TFN! Golden mango, ripe strawberry, and menthol flavors all make an appearance in each 100mL bottle. Get yours with 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg synthetic nicotine at Cheap eJuice. Also Try Juice Head Salts Mango Strawberry Mango Strawberry TFN by Juice Head Brand: Juice Head / Size: 100ml / Flavor: Fruit Mango Strawberry TFN eJuice by Juice Head is a warm and sweet fusion of tropical mangos and sweet strawberries in a synthetic nicotine blend. The high-grade synthetic ingredients in this e-liquid allows for a smoother throat hit and a heightened flavor that promises to delight your taste buds with every puff. To craft this exotic vape juice, we headed to the shores of Trinidad, where golden mangoes ripened to perfection in the sweltering tropical heat. We plucked these mangos by the road and peeled the skin back to reveal a luscious mango flesh that was bursting with flavor. Next, we headed to a nearby strawberry patch, where ruby red strawberries grew fat and juicy under the sweltering sun. We gathered these delicious berries and crushed them into a thick and chunky compote, delivering a warm and sweet berry flavor that we were tempted to devour right then and there. We folded in freshly slices of the warm mangos to create a mouthwatering fruit flavor you won’t want to put down. Enjoy this rich and refreshing strawberry mango flavor called Mango Strawberry TFN eJuice by Juice Head, available at Cheap eJuice today in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg synthetic nicotine strength.


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