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Guava Ejuice by Reds Apple is a brilliant mixture of fruit flavors. With Reds Apple’s signature apple juice flavoring, they have introduced the fresh guava to the mixture to create this smooth concoction. The taste of the delicious guava will hit your throat instantly upon inhaling this e-liquid, but not too overpowering. Then with the exhale, you’ll experience the favorite taste of apple juice, soothing and delicious every time. Brand: Reds Apple / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruit Reds Guava Ejuice Description Feast on your favorite apple juice flavor from Red’s, now with a delightful twist of Colombian guava! Hundreds of apples are picked from our orchards, the ripe fruit swaying enticingly in the autumn breeze. You can almost feel that breeze caressing your face as you reach up to pluck the apple from the branch. As you sink your teeth into that juicy apple, you can feel the sweet juice running down your chin in sticky rivulets. That sweetness is magnified tenfold with the addition of the sweet guava! The freshly imported guava is slice into thick chunks, sweet and pink. Each chunk is rolled and coated in pure cane sugar until the entire fruit is completely coated. The sugared guava chunks are left to soak up that sweet goodness for several hours. The guava is then tossed into a bowl of freshly sliced apple slices, where guava and apple unite in glorious harmony! Treat your taste buds to a delicious fusion of your favorite fruits and allow the classic flavor of apple paired with exotic guava to run wild in your clouds! Apple has a new best friend called guava, and this delightful all-day vape flavor called Reds Guava eJuice wants to delight your taste buds, if only you’ll let it!


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