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The Smoant Charon Baby Pod Kit is a small POD system, has a battery with high performance in its arsenal, works on the basis of a removable cartridge with vaporizers that need to be changed on a regular basis, the manufacturer has introduced its own ANT Smart Chip chipset into the device. 

In terms of appearance, the device is not much different from other versions, the design combines simplicity and conciseness, which resulted in convenient use for its intended purpose, for this reason many users prefer this model. 

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The presence of an embedded chipset opens up access to the use of the device in two modes, switching between them is carried out automatically, this is greatly influenced by the resistance of the coil, on the basis of which the cartridge works. At the moment, there are three color options to choose from: blue, black, and steel.

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The kit includes a standard set of components, which gives the user the opportunity to immediately use the device for its intended purpose:


    Removable 0.6ohm coil cartridge (pre-installed)

    Spare coil 1.2 ohm;

    Charging cable;

    Manufacturer’s warranty;


    Instruction for the user.

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Smoant produces quality products that are in demand among those who are fond of vaping; one of these products was the Battlestar Baby system, which was appreciated by many users who choose e-liquids based on nicotine salts. This was the main reason why the company decided to continue to release POD systems; the result of the work of the developers was the Charon Baby Pod Kit. 

The device quickly gained popularity among those who are fond of vaping. Among the features of this model, one can single out a simple design format, small size and high performance, which led to its popularity among fans of nicotine salt e-liquids.

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The manufacturer did not change the appearance of the device, so the design turned out to be simple, in general terms we are talking about a classic rectangle, there are a lot of such models, while the corners and edges were rounded, so it sits well in the hand and does not bring discomfort during use . 

It is important to note that the device has a small weight and dimensions, which allows you to carry it with you in your bag or pocket, it does not take up much space.


Despite the small size of the model, the company’s developers decided to opt for replaceable coils, while many manufacturers prefer replaceable cartridges. The fixation of the cartridge in the body of the device is not provided with the help of magnets, while it is securely fixed, and the possibility of its slipping is also excluded.

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The user can choose from two coil options – 0.6ohm mesh coil and 1.2ohm Ni80 coil, which gives the opportunity to choose what suits personal preferences and is suitable for the liquid used. A distinctive feature of coils is the use of organic cotton, which makes it possible to fully reveal the taste of the liquids used.

Installation of the vaporizer does not require much time and labor, all you need to do is remove the cartridge from the battery pack, pry off the vaporizer and carry out the replacement procedure. Any user can handle this.

Refilling the cartridge is very simple, there is a silicone plug on its side surface, you need to remove it and fill the tank.

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The developers highlight the fact that the Smoant Charon Baby Pod Kit has introduced an innovative blowing system, while in terms of content and practical implementation, we are talking about a standard bottom blower, which makes it possible to enjoy the taste of the liquid used.

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