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Vaporesso OSMALL Pod Kit is the perfect embodiment of compactness, functionality and reliability. The manufacturer has released a Pod system that deserves attention – there is a powerful battery under the case, replaceable cartridges are needed for the normal operation of the device, there are coils inside them, they must be of high resistance, which allows the use of liquids on nicotine salt. 

The appearance of this model has not been subjected to adjustments, and has much in common with other versions, in general terms, we are talking about a small device. The developers made the surface corrugated; this decision had a positive impact on the convenience of users. There are eight color options to choose from, so finding something for yourself will not be difficult.

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The manufacturer included in the kit a standard set of components necessary for vaping, since the device is small and does not belong to the category of expensive models, the box contains:

    Battery box;

    Replaceable cartridge resistance 1.2 ohm;

    Charging cable;

    Manufacturer’s warranty;

    Instruction for the user.

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It is important to note that there are many similar models on the market, so in this regard, users get a standard device with the usual functionality. Recently, the company has changed direction, there is a clear trend in the desire to expand its influence in the market, so the developers are releasing new models aimed at a large audience. The manufacturer took the experience of other companies as a basis and created a new, interesting device.

This model differs from other versions in its small dimensions of 84.2×26.5×13.4 mm, so the device can be carried in your pocket or bag. The standard form factor is a “tiny device”, while such options are in great demand among users. The manufacturer has implemented an interesting solution in the model, we are talking about the fact that the surface of the POD system is corrugated, thanks to which the device sits well in the hand and does not slip.

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The maximum power is 11 watts, which is achieved by a built-in battery with a capacity of 350 mAh, given the size of the device, this power is optimal. There is a micro-USB connector on the case, with which you can recharge the battery using the charging cable that comes with the kit.

The device does not have a control system in its arsenal. To activate the device, the user must take a puff. The power of 11 watts is enough to use a replaceable cartridge. The Omni Board mini chipset was used in the device; its presence provides protection against all threats.

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The small size had a big impact on the choice of cartridges; the device is suitable for interchangeable options that do not require replacement of evaporators. Fixing the cartridge in the battery pack is provided by magnets, which greatly simplifies the procedure for replacing it.

The OSMALL Pod cartridge uses a built-in coil with a resistance of 1.2 ohm; the presence of special cotton has a positive effect on the taste characteristics of the vapor. The user can use strong liquids; airflow control has not been implemented.

Refilling the cartridge is easy. First of all, it must be removed from the battery pack, then remove the silicone plug, then perform the desired action – fill the tank with liquid.

Overall, the device has great quality and flavor delivering capabilities. It is easy to use, charge and refill. Great choice for beginners!

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