Smok Stick Prince Review

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In the modern world where everything is decided on-the-go and go-getters come to the reign, portability is the advantage of the kings. Vape makers scale down devices to not stay behind times. So does the SMOK.

They have done a great job in streamlining user experience and slimming down formats, and now they issued the SMOK Stick Prince kit, their latest novelty, which will surely knock your socks off at a closer look.

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Smok Stick Prince Build Quality

The SMOK Stick V12 keeps the best features of the conventional SMOK build, including the full range of colors that isa candy for consumers with a particular liking of bright attention-catchers. The paint used in SMOK Prince Stick is resistant to chips and scratches and will let you enjoy its bright design for good if you don’t decide to test its limits with sharp metallic objects, of course.

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Battery placement hangs tight with safety requirements. They supplied the device with a single battery venting hole at the bottom. The top of the Stick Prince features a user-friendly spring loaded 510 connection catering to the firm tank fixing, which is at the same time effortless.

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The thing to pay attention to is the SMOK TFV12 Prince tank in a shape of a bulb which is wider than the battery. This is a nice trick to increase the tank capacity without sacrificing portability. Yet, one not deliberate move can set the vape into motion increasing the danger of shattering the glass tank.

It is worth mentioning that the SMOK have improved the mod by adding a rubber band, yet it doesn’t make the device completely drop-proof.

The LED light around the light button acts as a battery life indicator. It flashes fifteen times when the discharge level gets a critical warning a user promptly.

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The coil quality makes the vaporization fast and effective. Being supplied with 0.17-ohm quadruple SMOK TFV12 Prince coils, the vape pen is able to vaporize vast plumes of the highest-quality flavor at stellar speed. Taking into account the size and design of the vape, such vaporizing productivity makes us put the heats off.

The SMOK V12 coils life averages at 7-9 days, yet it depends on the quality of e-liquid used. With the low-rate materials coils die faster. The high amount of sweeteners will kill the coils within 3-4 days of use.

Stick Prince Design Quality

Besides the above-mentioned bright colors, the SMOK Prince Stick features an elegant, yet futuristic hexagonal firing button highlighted with a LED-light making the device look shiny both as it is on and off.

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Smok Stick Prince Flavor Quality

With SMOK Stick Prince, you may have a benefit of strong flavors with no muting. We can easily compare the flavor quality to that of an enormous box mod, so buying it, you’re not going to lose.

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Stick Prince Wattage Flexibility

The SMOK V12 offers single wattage mode which doesn’t mean you’ll get an unforgettable vaping experience. The implemented chip allows the device fire at the minimum resistance of 0.1 ohm which promises flexibility.

You can quickly boost the power of vaporization by accommodating an RDA, thus improving the basic build of the SMOK Stick V12. If you need a more relaxed vaping experience, instead of V12 Prince coils, you may buy the ones of higher resistance.

SMOK Stick Prince coil head image
Prince Tank Capacity

Another Stick Prince quality to send the customers over the moon is the minimum tank capacity is 8ml which is more than enough. The push swivel top fill mechanism caters to comfortable fill sessions and security, making the device perfect to keep topped up.

SMOK TFV12 Leaking

As reported by some of the users, at certain conditions the device starts to leak, primarily when used with other tanks. To avoid this situation, the coils should be adequately primed at the first session.

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Smok Stick Prince Size

The SMOK Stick Prince is not a bad companion to all sorts of going-out featuring moderate size (25 mm in diameter and 148 mm in length) and very humble weight of 150 grams, 90 of which are the weight of a battery.

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To conclude our SMOK Stick review, let’s sum up the positive features you get buying it. The super-powerful battery will give you the experience of a box mod combined with the comfortable fitting into the palm. The particular design of a glass tank enlarges the e-liquid volume significantly.

Bright, colorful design and LED-lighted button have a little bit futuristic, yet, quite elegant look, making you completely satisfied.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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