What is the Best Vaping Temperature?

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One of the key things every vaper needs to keep track of is vape temperature. Having a good temperature level will allow you to taste all the flavors the substance has. It will also make the process so much more enjoyable by things not being ultra-hot.

But what is the best temperature to vape e juice and what vape temp chart one should follow? This is precisely what we are going to talk about. Join us as we uncover what is the best vaping temperature and how can you achieve it. 

Best Temp to Vape Oil

Today, many vapers resort to oils and e-juices as their main method of vaping. These typically small devices often allow users to pick from a list of pre-determined temperatures or manually adjust it themselves.

The metric that is used to set a specific temperature is Wattage. The way it works is quite simple, the more wattage is applied, the hotter the coil gets.

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So, what wattage to vape THC oil you must apply? The most common temperature is somewhere around 210º-480 °F (100-250 °C). Going even a tad lower is considered to be bad practice as the taste isn’t fully realized, and the vapor itself is quite weak.

For many, the 300 °F mark is the best vape temp as the hit is great and the taste is quite thick. If you want an even more powerful hit, you can try to heat the device upwards to 450 °F but do keep in mind that this is a danger-level territory as going even slightly higher will result in a burnt taste.

Overall, there is no definitive pre-filled oil cartridges wattage but the ones we mentioned are viewed as the best. 

Best Temp to Vape Wax

Here’s a thing for you, every concentrate vaping temperature chart will start at 315 °F. Why, you might be wondering? It is because no wax is capable of vaporizing on lower temperatures.

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That’s right when picking a wax pen, we always suggest that you pick one that can reach at least 450 °F. The reason is that this will allow you to access the happy medium of temperatures.

What we mean is that on lower temperatures you will have a more refreshing taste, whereas on higher a more intense one. This leads us to the middle spectrum that takes the best of both worlds. 

Many vapers opt for heating the wax on the upper-level temperature but this isn’t right as most psychoactive compounds are lost and destroyed and the taste is pretty thin.

Many people do this because they believe it will result in a stronger effect. But as you know, that is not the case and we strongly advise that you heat wax using temperatures closer to 360°F. That way, you will get the purest taste, and the vape session will last longer. 

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Best Temp to Vape Weed

The best temperature to vape weed for our money is 380 °F. But that is for our money! You see, when you vape a dry herb, it is vital that you take into consideration the fact that different temperature levels bring up different effects.

This is especially relevant if you want to vape CBD and THC. The equation is quite simple when you vape herbs at higher temperatures, more stuff is being vaporized, meaning that you get more THC and CBD. 

When you vape herbs at lower temperatures, the effect will be less noticeable but this is something that you have to do regardless of your preferences.

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Essentially, the more you increase the temperature, the more you learn what kind of temperature works for you. There is no optimal range since this is more of a personal thing. However, most seem to agree that 370 °F to 380 °F range is the best.

Why? You will not cough during intakes, and both CBD and THC compounds will vaporize. By the end of the session, it is also recommended to set the temperature somewhere around the 430 °F mark to inhale all the remaining THC and CBD compounds.  

Why You Should Care About The Temperature

There are three main reasons why you should care about the temperature. First off, the taste depends on the temperature. Nobody likes a burnt taste coupled with a hot throat, just like nobody likes a thin taste as a result of lowered temperatures.

The second reason is the fact that vaping at high temperatures will result in the substance vaporizing faster, meaning you get less. Knowing how to fully use an e-liquid capsule or concentrate will help you save a penny, as well as enjoy the session longer.

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Last but not least, knowing the best temperatures means that you are also avoiding side-effects. That is all for now, be sure to keep your temperatures in check and we’ll see you in our next post! 


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