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Organic tastes better. Why then bother about all those artificial flavors, sweeteners, and colorings that can potentially worsen your life? From nature, you get all the best – original deep taste and flavor with no potential hazards for your health.

The only company that took natural production for the central concept is Kai Virgin Vapor, and they can take pride in what they are doing. Any Virgin Vapor review clearly shows that the guys from California try hard to be the genuinely organic chasing one great idea – since artificial additives don’t belong to our food they shouldn’t be in our e-liquids.

Security and Laboratory Testing

Virgin vapors are lab-tested, free from diethylene glycol and heavy metals. Unlike other e-liquids that contain lead, mercury, chromium and cadmium, ones from Virgin Vapor are clean, meaning the makers stand firm on keeping their green reputation. This is not true about other vegetable-based e-liquids which still contain propylene glycol despite their adds.

Kai’s Virgin Vapor e-liquids do not contain PG, but to mirror the viscosity of PG they use pure distilled water. This makes Virgin e-liquids compatible with almost all the vapes. Experienced vapers know problems with VG-based e-liquids which are too thick to wick correctly, so they should be happy as Virgin e-liquids don’t produce such issues.

All products also undergo the AEMSA lab testing. Even the container material was chosen with care. Virgin Vapor e-liquids are sold in glass bottles to prevent e-liquid from any by-products. These bottles look bright, sleek and beautiful.

The only concern is that they are too easy to break, so they are not perfect for traveling. For better customer convenience, they are equipped with rubber stoppers. The whole thing about the design and presentation testify of the depth of care about customers.

Nicotine Ratio and Flavor Options

Virgin e-liquids come from hand-picked tobacco grown in North Carolina. You may choose from five different nicotine levels which are 0, 3, 6, 12, and 18 mg.

Because of the vegetable base, Virginvapor e-liquids need a long steeping time. It might take you a couple of days or even a week to let ingredients of e-liquids properly mix into each other for a perfect flavor.

You steep e-liquids by opening a bottle and allowing it to breathe. This makes e-liquid taste sweeter and thicker. If you don’t do it, the taste will be flat and won’t make you much flavor. As for the throat hit, it is excellent and so is the dense vapor.

In general, all flavors can be divided into fruit, flavors, and alcohol-free groups. The most popular e-liquids proudly bear the names of the Bed of Roses, Black Velvet, Menthol Moon Drops, Death by Chocolate. All of them get their rich tastes thanks to the food-grade ingredients like original cocoa oil.

Thanks to that the Death by Chocolate doesn’t just taste like chocolate. It is chocolate. The Maple French Toast is also one of the market favorites with its true-to-life taste, destined to win fans.

There are some drawbacks even among the stars. For example, the Double Espresso tastes a bit flatter than you could expect. Although it is nice enough, it won’t break the records.

Pros and Cons

We haven’t found any other cons of Virgin Vapor e-liquids than those of long steeping time and bottle fragility. They aren’t true cons in respect of what you are buying e-liquids for. If it is for flavor and taste, some of time-investment is not a huge sacrifice as the genuinely high-end products need thorough preparation.

The pros are all you can expect from a company that aims at satisfying the most demanding consumers. You get an array of all-natural liquids to provide you with the great tastes, nice throat-hit and dense vapor packed in stylish and user-friendly bottles. The prices aren’t too high as well, especially if you have a Virgin Vapor coupon.


With Kais Virgin Vapor you get a product to pamper your taste-buds and smell receptors. The VG contents produce concentrated flavor and great throat-hit, yet deluded with clean water it wonderfully fits any vape.

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