Wellon Stan Review

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Wellon Stan Vape Pen Pod System Review


Wellon Stan Pod System was released earlier in 2019. You probably think that nothing new could happen in the saturated vaping market, right? The Stan Pod is a simple yet functional smart device with an innovative look and feel that can change your mind. It includes a refillable cartridge and a battery.

The Wellon Stan Pod Starter Kit is one of the best devices you can get when you consider starting vaping. It is also a good choice for a vaper with some experience.

Wellon Stan style

Wellon Stan is developed by Wellon Tech, a company known for designing easy to use vaping products. Devices they make are small and simple to use, yet quite smart.


The mod has a stylish packaging that corresponds to the sleek design of the mod itself. There is a picture of the Stan vape in the front of the cardboard box package and a sticker which indicates the color of the device inside.

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As you open the box, you will see the Stan vape packed into the foam insert. Underneath the insert, there is a USB charging cable, a spare pod and an operation manual.


  • button-triggered pod system
  • 650 mAh internal battery
  • adjustable voltage
  • micro-USB charging port
  • charging time: 1.5 h
  • 1mL e-liquid capacity
  • compatible with e-liquid and salt nicotine oil
  • suitable for beginner and mid-experienced vapers
  • finish colors: silver, black, blue, red
  • whole body dimensions:16mm*100mm
  • pod dimensions: 16mm*34.8mm
  • whole body weight: 30g
  • pod weight: 4g
  • battery size: 16mm*86.7mm
  • materials: food-grade PCTG (pod), Al alloy (battery), Nichrome wire and organic cotton (coil)

Wellon Stan colors


Wellon vape has a quite powerful 650 mAh internal battery that can get nearly every vaper through the day. The vape is cylindrical in shape and very slim. Its diameter is only 16mm.

The vape is comfortable to hold in hand thanks to the rubber-feel coating. It is also quite easy to carry around in a pocket.

To turn on the device, you simply need to click on the translucent button located in the front face of the device. To activate the fire feature, hold down the button.

Wellon Stan components

Some vapers argue that the button fire function is somewhat outdated and that air activated fire function is better. Yet, the button of this vape is justified as it has multiple features.

You can regulate the power output with this button as well. There is a small LED indicator that signifies functions in different colors: white stands for the highest power settings, blue – for regular and green for the lowest power settings.

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Strong magnets hold the pod cartridge in place. Inside the vape, there is a 1.6-ohm nichrome coil containing organic cotton. The e-liquid capacity of this pod is 1ml, which is quite convenient for daily use on the go.

Vapor and Flavor

If you check out other Wellon Stan Pod System reviews, you will discover that most vapers are happy about the flavor and vapor production this device gives. Wellon Stan Pod System is quite powerful for such a small device.

You can also fill the Stan pod with next to no effort. To refill the pod, pull off the drip tip first. Next, open the grommet. And finally, stick the tip of your e-liquid bottle in and fill.

Wellon Stan battery


Pricewise, the Wellon Stan Pod Starter Kit is quite affordable. You can get it under $25. This good-quality functional device is for sure worth the money.

Final Thoughts

Wellon Stan Pod System is for sure an interesting vape to give a try. Wellon Stan managed to breathe in a little life into a device that became quite boring for many users.

If you are looking for a modern minimalistic pod vape from a reliable manufacturer that comes at a reasonable price, consider giving Wellon Stan Pod vape a try.



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