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New G Pen Vaporizer

Grenco Science has recently created a new wax vape pen designed especially for fans of concentrates. The original G Pen Nova, released last year was subjected to extreme popularity as it offered excellent vape experience at a comparatively low price to both, dry herb and concentrate users.

The product was great, but since we are living in an era of constant change, Grenco made a go for further advancement and produced the G Pen Nova LXE Vaporizer.

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G Pen Nova LXE Review

The new vaporizer differs slightly from its predecessor in design and is created for concentrate vapers. It has a modern fully ceramic heating chamber to provide great taste and flavor, improved battery and the patented airflow technology.

With longer battery life, you are free from cat-and-mousing after a charger in the middle of a vaping session, and the even and strong airflow caters to relaxation and pleasure.


Battery. The battery holds up to 650 mAh and voltage settings allowing you to steam at 3.2 V, 3.6 V, and 4.1 V. The avid users will be happy to welcome the new Extended Draw Mode.

It helps to heat the pen within 15 seconds without holding the button down all the time. The micro-USB pass-through charging is also a great add-on. If the battery needs a charge, the light surrounding the light button will blink five times.

Airflow. Now, the answer to the question “Why’s Grenco’s patented airflow so special?”. This technology, also called the “check ball” airflow allows for even heating. It also means enormous clouds of vapor when using G Pen Nova LXE Vaporizer at the highest voltage.

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Heating. Ceramic chamber is known as the best receipt against the burnt taste and lousy flavor. So here you have all the best of you can expect from vaping concentrates.

Threading. The 510 thread isn’t an earth-shattering new feature, but with it, you can use the CBD pre-filled tanks not to limit vaping to waxes only.

Even more: if you love dry herbs or e-liquids, you can use G-Pen Nova LXE with a variety of ceramic and sub-ohm tanks without any shortcomings in the quality of vape. So, here as well you have vast freedom of choice, which is excellent.

The box comes with a

  • One
    a vape pen itself;
  • One
    battery with a variable voltage and 510-threading;
  • One
    G Pen Nova LXE
  • One
    charging cable.


Pen Nova LXE is sleek, stylish and
lightweight. The only bright spot, the lighted button only adds to
the reserved elegance of the vape pen. It feels sturdy and
comfortable to hold in hand. Plus, it’s always an eye-catching
accessory in a crowd.


any other product from Grenco Science, G
Pen Nova LXE is protected under the
1-year warranty. The used tank can be returned within seven days
after shipping.


As we’ve mentioned above the new Vape Pen Nova LXE has three voltage settings: Low, Medium and High. At a Low setting, the voltage output is set to 3.2V, and the button is surrounded by blue light.

As you raise voltage level to 3.4V, which is Medium, the light changes its color to green. The High level is marked in red and equals 4.1V. You can change the voltage setting by clicking the button three times.


full charge allows for about 50 activations, depending on the voltage
settings you use. The lower the voltage, the more activation you get.


To get the most of your G Pen Nova LXE Vaporizer vapor production, make sure the concentrates are packed tight and touch on the bottom heating element.

It will allow for a high cloud production from the first hit. Before you start using a pristine device, it’s significant to prime the heating element by initializing a pre-heating session (on clicking the button two times).

Extended Draw Mode

Extended Draw Mode offers a better experience of 100 percent of the
time. To have it on, press the button twice. The battery will heat
for 15 seconds without the need to hold the button. To switch the
function off, the user should click the button once.


the spare parts of the vape pen are available at modest prices. The G
Pen Nova LXE Battery comes just at
$29.95, and the G Pen Nova LXE Tank comes at the same cost. You can
also buy a micro-USB charger at $5.

spare parts can be purchased a la carte, and we recommend to do so,
as a Nova LXE Tank needs replacement after six weeks of regular use.
It’s better to have one or two spare ones at hand.


can also register the vape pen online to make a warranty replacement
(in case it is needed) smoother and also to receive updates on your

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Do Customers Say?

The first customer reviews were all about excitement. It can be best described in the shortest reviews on the website, which were like: “GREAT,” “LOVE!”, “AMAZING” or “TRULY SUPERIOR PRODUCT.” We’d also like to share one of the customer stories: “I bought the LXE as a travel accessory present.

I traveled to California and carried it in my luggage. I used it through a five-day stay in San Diego, and it worked flawlessly. I was able to vape discretely in public with ease. I love the auto-smoke function. Incredible product.”

Summing up

Tall things mentioned, the G Pen Nova LXE Vaporizer from Grenco is worth trying, based on the brilliant features and advancements, like extended battery life, different voltage outputs, patented airflow, and ceramic heating chamber.

The user will benefit from the great flavor, thick vapor, and incredible overall experience. With quite a friendly price it is a win! No wonder users love it.


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