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The Boundless CFX is a vaporizer meant to please those of you who prefer to vape herbs and concentrates. Being super portable and having a nice price tag, the device is set to be one of the most compelling options on the market. But how well do all these characteristics stack up? And how well does it compare to other offerings? Let’s find out!

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What’s Included?

This dry herb vaporizer comes with a slew of accessories that will get anyone started. Those who opted for the unit can expect the following: 

  • The CFX Unit
  • Stir Tool
  • USB Charging Cable
  • A Cleaning Brush
  • Instruction Manual
  • A Separate Wall Charger

Boundless CFX Vaporizer

Initial Thoughts 

As soon as we unpacked the unit, we immediately noticed this isn’t a looker, but it doesn’t have to be one. It’s the capabilities that matter the most in such gadgets, so this is precisely what we are looking at.

Feeling quite big in hands, this cannabis vaporizer will take a lot of space in your bag. It also means that it has a host of features since the manufacturer had all the room in the world in that chassis. 

But like every big thing in the world, this weed vaporizer is not suited for discreet vaping. It is quite bulky and for our money, such devices are best used at home or on long road-trips. But even still, the device is nicely built and employs great materials. Good stuff all around. 

Boundless CFX Vaporizer side

Battery Life

This marijuana vaporizer has some of the best battery life we’ve seen. On a full charge, it can last you around 90 minutes of use, which is more than enough to take you through the day.

On average, this kind of battery life roughly translates to 15-17 vaping sessions, which is more than enough. 

As for charging, you have two options, one being the wall outlet and the other – MicroUSB charging. The average charge time is pretty good, clocking in around half an hour and roughly 2 hours if you are using the included USB charger with a computer. Overall, this is a great result that can rival even some premium class products. 

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Although, before we close this section, we’d like to shoot out a few heads up. First off, don’t use it during the charging process. You will not only damage the battery but might as well hurt yourself.

Secondly, this isn’t an iPhone, so after it’s done with charging, unplug it. It doesn’t have any protective mechanisms to prevent overcharging. 

Boundless CFX Vaporizer top

Vapor quality

One of the best things about CFX is that you can puff huge clouds consistently. This is something the manufacturer promised and delivered, but they did have to make a few sacrifices. For starters, the vape gets pretty harsh at ultra-high temperatures, so keep that in mind. 

As for the herb flavor, it is actually incredible for the price. It’s comparable to devices such as GHOST, the Mighty, or even Firefly 2, which is great. Although, when you start to use the device with concentrates, things aren’t that smooth (it’s still good, don’t get us wrong).

The container is quite finicky to use and requires tricky moves to open it, which might seem like a negative point to some people. 

Using the Boundless CFX

The device is pretty straightforward when it comes to using it. There aren’t a lot of buttons and those that are there, are pretty self-explanatory. To load the chamber, you need to take off the top lid, then pump in some material, and close it.

Once done, just press the power button five times exactly. The device has haptic feedback (basically, a mini-vibration) that will notify you when things are ready. As for temperature, you can use the “up” and “down” buttons to adjust it. It can go from 100˚F to 430˚F quite fast.

And the last part, we suggest that you inhale the vape slowly as it has a bit of draw resistance. 

Cleaning Process

The whole process can be divided into three sections. So, the first thing you want to do is brush out the bowl once you are done vaping. This is mandatory as the bowl itself can get dirty pretty fast.

Thankfully, the included cleaning brush is more than enough to move everything out. Once you got rid of the contents, grab some isopropyl alcohol and rub the insides. Close the lid when you’re done. Then, power on the device a couple of times just to be on the safe side.

Lastly, you need to take care of the mouthpiece. Remove it and clean it off with water and then with some alcohol. Leave it to dry and start using it again. Simple. 

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Bottom Line

In conclusion, the device is a fantastic combination of good price and performance. The overall build quality is very good and the vapor itself is pretty solid. The cleaning process doesn’t require a lot of effort.

Thanks to the fact that there aren’t many detachable parts, it won’t take you all day to complete the whole thing. Last but not least, battery life is top quality stuff, which is perhaps the highlight of the device. 


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