Boundless CFC 2.0 Review

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What makes you happy when vaping? Vapor and flavor quality are a must, but what stands apart from it?

It’s your vape! Or how you hold it, how you draw the air, and how it looks. The Boundless Technology bore that in mind as they created their CFC 2.0 vaporizer with the leading-edge design and improved airflow. 

CFC 2.0 is a portable convection vaporizer created to vape dry herbs. It is so lightweight and steadfast that it is hard to find something more featherweight and delicate.  

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Boundless CFC 2.0 Vaporizer kit

The starter kit

The first thing you get is, naturally, the Boundless CFC 2.0 portable vaporizer. It is complemented with a water pipe adapter, a USB charger, two mouthpiece screens, a cleaning brush for the oven, three oven screens, a stirring tool,  and a manual. 


The CFC 2.0 vaporizer can boast on the improved design. The grooves and ridges on the sides allow for a comfortable grip. An excellent feature for a handheld vaporizer. The position and size of the button make the operation intuitive.

The mouthpiece redesign was also a success. It has a broader opening allowing for a bigger draw. It is made from heat resistant material and cools the vapor down so that you can take powerful draws without fear of unpleasant feelings.

Another great feature for a cannabis vaporizer is a big heating chamber which can contain up to 50 milligrams of herbs. 30 mg is better, though, as when not packed tight, it gives better clouds.

Boundless CFC 2.0 image

Build quality 

As compared to the previous version, the new CFC 2.0 is free from crackling plastic and hot mouthpieces.  It is bigger and heavier and is not warm to keep in hand, as it keeps the vapor hot, not the plastic cover.  

Vapor quality 

The new dry herb vaporizer produces thick and dense vapor. It’s usual for Boundless, and perfect for fans of cloud-chasing and herbs.

The vapor gets at its best at higher temperature settings. The flavor as well. As you set it below 180 degrees Celcius the vapor degrades. 

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Battery Life and Capacity

CFC 2.0 holds and 18650 rechargeable battery, which is suitable for a day-long vape. You get 10-12 sessions at medium temperature settings and about eight sessions at a high. No pass-through is available though. That is a slight drawback as recharging lasts up to 3 hours.

Boundless CFC 2.0 Vaporizer side


Just a few portable vaporizers under $100 can feature the exquisite temperature control functions and a fast heat-up. The temperature ranges from 60 to 230 C and can be increased in one-degree increments.

You may change the temperature by pressing the button down and holding it for a while. It takes a moment. 

The actual heat up follows almost simultaneously, which is a pleasant, but unexpected surprise. You get 120 degrees Celcius in 25 seconds and 45 degrees to reach its maximum. 

Who will buy the CFC? 

It’s excellent for newbies. Not because it’s primitive. On the contrary, it has cutting-edge temperature control and outstanding design. With all of this, it is straightforward to use and can give you the best quality you may expect from a weed vaporizer. 

Why not an option for a doubting person? It is light, has a durable battery, easy to clean, and use — a good demonstration of vaping pleasures for a starter.

Usage and maintenance

Many marijuana vaporizers are a bit clumsy to fill and clean; they heat up slowly and need stirring the herbs to sustain a decent amount of vapor.

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All is different with the CFC 2.0 from Boundless. To clean it you need some of the isopropyl alcohol and soapy tater. Clean all the parts of the vape with isopropyl and be careful not to wet the screen and button are with too much liquid. Also, you can’t use water to clean these parts.

To sum up. There are no decent reasons not to love this new vaporizer from Boundless. The CFC 2.0 dry-herb vaporizer is lightweight, has improved airflow and better cloud production.

The high-tech features like the temperature control mode and a handy screen add to the flawless user experience. A perfect piece for a beginner or a dedicated vaper to open all the pleasures of vaping without taking the top dollar.


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