How to Make a Home Made Vaporizer

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Now, you finally feel ready to build up your own homemade vaporizer, but you’re hesitating because of all the fuss? Here we’re gonna help you avoid all the sharp edges. We don’t know how you came to this point but suppose, something like the following happened:

– Your friends have brought some flowers for relaxation, but you don’t have any vaporizer around.
– You are really mad about DIY stuff, mainly when your creations have gathered a fan-group on Facebook.
– You like new experiences and the idea to try vaping comes in the middle of the night, when the last thing you wanna do is dragging your guts to the nearest gas station.

buy cannabis buds bannerIf any of these events strikes you unexpectedly, we are here to help. We have reviewed the best receipts on how to make a homemade vaporizer and have picked one that combines simplicity with effectivity. But a little bit of your understanding is needed.

best weed grinders featured imageFirstly, think of what you remember on the operation of a vape. Namely, you have a substance that can vaporize, herbs for example. But nothing is evaporated at the average temperature, so you need a heating area you could put your herbs on.

Then, a problem arises: you have to catch the vaporized steam, not let it away in the air, and a tunnel to direct this vapor to you.

With this all in mind, we can advise you the construction of a DIY vaporizer which is incredibly simple, yet effective. You’ll need a shot glass or a dipping tin to put the herbs into. As the device heats, the steam will naturally rise up. If you cover it with a glass jar, it won’t let the vapor out. But how will you get the vapor out of there?

This is where a tin jar cap comes in handy. The cap will be a brilliant holder for the shot glass, filled with the herbs, for the jar gathering vapor, and will also have a hole for the tube.

So what you will actually do, you’ll cut two holes in the jar lid: a big one to hold the shot glass and a narrow one for the tube. You will insert the shot in the hole on the lid so that half of it protrudes. Then you’ll cover the lid with the jar, turned upside down, of course, and plug the tube into the smaller hole.

As we have a quite unstable construction, with the glass protruding from the bottom, with the need to heat that bottom. A great way out is a stand you can make from the rigid wire, like the one used in the clothes hanger.

In shape, it will remotely remind the stands in the chemistry lab. We’ve made the whole thing in less than 30 min. How much time will you need to make your own vaporizer?

Best Dry Herb Vape Pens Featured ImageSo, here is the step by step instruction on how to make a vaporizer:

Step 1. You may approach it differently, but we’d instead start with preparing the holder, that is the lid. The holes should be tight not to let the air out, so before cutting them, make the marks. You may reduce the tin with the help of a usual flat screwdriver, by hitting it with a small hammer.
Step 2. Dismantle the hanger and coil the end of the around the lid of the jar cap. Leave 1/8 inch space between the cap and the wire, so that the jar will press onto it. Bend the wire in the way, so that it forms a line protruding from the circle. It will be enough to have about 3 inches of wire to build the leg of the stand. Form another ring from the remaining wire. That will be the base of your DIY vaporizer.
Step 3. Plug the tube into the smaller hole of the lid and put the glass shot in the respective place. Then mount the cap onto the upper circle of the stand and attach the glass jar. Don’t forget to load your herbs into the shot. When the thing is assembled, light the candle and wait until the herbs are ready. Enjoy your vaping!


Provided that you use your homemade vaporizer with care and stick to the safety rules, you’ll love puffing vapes with your very own toy.

– Make sure your stand is strong enough to hold the jar so that it doesn’t bump onto the table.
– If you don’t seal all the opening properly some of the vapor may escape.
– To vaporize herbs, you need a specific level of heat. Consider using a tin can instead of the glass, it allows for more heat.
– Some YouTube tutorials on how to make a homemade vaporizer, you might have seen utilize light bulbs heated on lighter. We don’t recommend this stuff as unsafe. Bulb glass gets even more fragile when heated.
– Be extremely careful if you decide on adding some electricity to your stuff.

To sum up.

See? Nothing hard. Everything you need to satisfy your Tesla spirit of an inventor is easy to find in every kitchen. The process of making a DIY dry herb vaporizer doesn’t take long, and the construction, in the end, is not a rocket science it will be perfect to curb your immediate needs and impress your social media community.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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