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Have you heard of a recent invention that assists Juul users in quitting smoking? The FLUUX is an innovative mobile phone charger that can be used for both charging your mobile phone and your Juul. Currently, this charger is available for pre-order.

Why Does One Need Fluux?

The Fluux is meant to help Juul users quit vaping while being a very multifunctional device. Juul users know how quickly their vape can run out of power, so they are forced to skip a vaping session at the most inconvenient moments.

With this charger, you can charge your mobile phone and your vape at the same time. With this charger, you won’t have to worry about being far from your charging dock at the worst moment.

This charger comes together with a modern app. The app helps users to cut back on nicotine and eventually stop vaping.

The app has a helpful vaping cessation plan, as well as resources and tools that are meant to help vapers vape less until they can stop vaping altogether. 

Fluux App

In the app, you can schedule your weekly meetings with a coach who can support you on your road to quitting and give you some helpful advice.

You can schedule a visit to a healthcare provider to check on any withdrawal symptoms, get prescription medications to cope with the unpleasant symptoms and get more information on how and why it’s better for you to stop vaping for good.

With the Fluux, you can get stats about your vaping habits and nicotine intake. Trust us, the stats you see can represent a very different picture from the one you have in your mind.

Control Your Vaping Habits With Fluux

You will see how much you use your vape throughout the day, how much power is left and how much you spend on the pods. You can purchase more pods in the app as well, which is quite convenient.

If you would like to control your vaping habit better and get a fuller picture of your vaping experience, the Fluux charger could be just the tool you are looking for.

With the charger and the app for it, you can solve practically any problem you can face as a Juul user. Currently, you can pre-order the Fluux on the official website. According to the manufacturer, the shipments will start this December.


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