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Hemp Bombs is the retailer in CBD products that has won broad recognition. Their inventory includes all sorts of CBD products like oils, creams, tinctures, capsules, and edibles. As for their vape juices, they don’t speak for themselves.

The guys at Hemp Bombs try hard to stay clear from any synthetic stuff; all their products consist of CBD isolate from bio-plants. To prove their raw materials are free from pesticides, the company provides lab-analysis for every single batch of their produce.

Of course, the products are free from TCH. The facility is situated in Florida, and all the production process take place in-house to assure the highest quality of control.

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With all of this, you can expect that Hemp Bombs CBD products will not disappoint.

In this Hemp Bombs review, we’ll brief you on the main product lines including:

CBD Vape Juices 

Hemp Bombs vape juices are completely TCH-free and won’t make you high or anything like that. They are always completely safe for taking a drug test.

You may choose from 15 kinds of flavors that come in 30/70 VG to PG ratio. The CBD dosage per bottle ranges from 75mg to 4000 mg per bottle. Their unflavored additive is another excellent option perfect for mixing with your e-juices.

You get access to lab results by scanning the QR code you can find on every product package.

CBD Vape Juice hemp bombs

The CBD e-liquids come in bottles of 60 mL; also, you may buy 16.5 mL sample bottles that come in bundles, giving you possibilities for experimenting.

Hemp Bombs made a great move offering their e-liquids in disposable CBD vape pens and in CBD cartridges that caters to different needs of their broad clientele.

And now, we shall describe a couple of their most favorite e-juices:

Exotic Watermelon Kush

Watermelon is already the classics the fruity e-juice tastes, and therefore it is excellent to show the difference between brands. The one from Hemp Bombs is not disappointing. It is almost free from the CBD aftertaste, sweet and well-balanced.

Roasted Colombian Coffee

This one has a real aroma of authentic coffee and intense flavor. The natural taste entirely masks any traces of CBD even in 1000 mg e-liquid.

Glazed Chocolate Donut

Great for the fans of chocolate vape juices. It resembles the real taste of the glazed donut and is excellent for ones discovering the sweet world of dessert tastes.

Bangin’ Fruity Bedrock

Hempbombs do produce cereal tastes, as other popular brands do. This one is sweeter than the rest of Hemp Bombs flavors and is aimed at the particular niche of cereal-flavored tastes.

Unflavored option

The unflavored option from Hemp Bombs seduces with its quality and makes a perfect match to any of your favorite non-CBD e-juices. It’s sweet due to the high VG content and great to use either in the mix or alone.

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Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies Review

The Hemp Bomb CBD gummies surprise with the excellent quality. They are sour and soft and surprise with great taste. They are effective too. A couple of gummies work great to fight insomnia or release pains.

CBD Gummies hemp bombs

Hemp Bombs CBD Capsules Review

Hemp Bombs CBD capsules are incredibly similar to usual vitamins and work as great as CBD gummies or tinctures.

Although they don’t give you the pleasure of vaping e-liquids or the great taste of CBD-gummies, they are great as a fast-working relaxant during a busy day.

The ingredients are CBD isolate, calcium, and magnesium, so they naturally have no taste. The High Potency capsules with 25 mg CBD contents have a strong effect and make an excellent option for anyone looking for a quick and convenient way to take CBD during work pauses.

CBD Capsules hemp bombs

Hemp Bombs CBD Oil Review

Hemp Bombs CBD oil tinctures are intended for oral use and have a great taste. The available taste options include watermelon, orange creamsicle, peppermint, acai berry, and flavorless. All of them are quite sweet and not suitable for vaping.

The watermelon taste is candy-like and presents a fresh watermelon flavor free from artificial sweetness. The aftertaste is lasting, making you want more of that.

As for the mint taste, it’s clean and ultimately kills any traces of the natural CBD flavor some users might not like. The flavorless one is almost tasteless, with a slight CBD aftertaste. It can be used as a food additive.

CBD Oil Tinctures hemp bombs

Hemp Bombs Pain Freeze Review

It doesn’t just release pains but also relaxes muscles. The cooling effect is delightful and makes you feel tranquil.

Although it is similar to a regular pain cream, it gives a bit different feel. It is excellent to combine with e-liquids or tinctures to have a complex effect.

CBD Pain Freeze hemp bombs

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Hemp Bombs Side Effects

The side effects of the CBD products from Hemp Bombs are the usual ones and include dry mouth, sleepiness, reduced blood pressure, and sometimes nausea.

Since CBD reduces body stress ad muscle tension, it also lowers blood pressure. Therefore people with low blood pressure should be careful.

The Final Note

Overall, Hemp Bombs deserve good reviews. High quality of production, the broad range of products, and no artificial sweeteners or additives – all are made to fit the user needs.

Either it’s an e-liquid or sweet gummy, any CBD product from Hemp Bombs is a real hemp bomb!



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