Just CBD Gummies Review

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Just CBD Gummies Review

CBD edibles are nothing new these days. They are widely popular among vapers and are considered to be the best product to use if you want to try the benefits of CBD.

Yet, there’s this one company that manages to surprise us every time they release something. You’ve guessed it, it’s JustCBD. 

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We wanted to cover JustCBD gummies for months now and this day has finally come. So join us today as we take a look at CBD gummy bears from Just CBD and see what’s so special about them. Thus, without any further delay, let’s get this Just CBD gummies review started!

Just CBD Gummies 1000 mg

CBD Gummies — The Basics

We’ll start out Just CBD gummy bears review with the initial impressions. As soon as we tried Just CBD gummies we were very surprised with the results.

The texture is practically identical to a real gummy bear, down to the smallest details, including the chewiness and the tangy fruit sweetness.

And since they are made using high-quality CBD isolate, you won’t find any aftertaste whatsoever. This is great news as it will work just fine as a sweet additive or as a supplement. 

As for the effects, the results are great, in fact, one of the best we’ve seen. After taking three Just CBD gummy bears we noticed a sense of relaxation and ease. There was no pressure and we felt very comfortable.

As for the box, it features a bright Just CBD gummy 1000mg sign but you can peel off it if it bothers you. Yet, the best part of the jar is that it’s made of high-quality materials.

Just CBD Gummies 3000mg

It uses a screw-top mechanism, something many of you will like and the durability is pretty good. You can also repurpose the thing or even use it for other CBD edibles. That’s a plus from us. 

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Assortments With Benefits

Alright, now that we know what they look and taste like, it’s time we take a peek at the ingredients profile and what benefits you might leverage from consuming them.

Each form presents a set of characteristics and CBD-based benefits. In total, there are seven different forms to choose from and each has its own unique taste. Let’s take a look at each separately.

  • Sugar Bear — As the name implies, these bears are coated in sugar and as soon as you eat them, they quickly change their taste to sour. This form contains 10mg of CBD. 

  • Clear Bear — This bear has bold flavor and is perfect for beginners or those of you who love things straight with no additives. Each piece provides 10mg CBD.

  • Worms — This form comes in three different sizes, namely, small, mid, and long. Each contains a different amount of CBD that you can consume. Starting from lowest, you get 10mg, 15mg, and 25mg respectively. 

  • Sour Worms — Unlike the previous worms, these come in different colors and flavor mixes. Each piece contains a fixed 14mg of CBD.

  • Apple Rings — Among the most intense, apple rings contain approximately 25mg of CBD per piece. They are perfect if you want to feel relaxed without feeling stuffed due to eating too much. 

  • Peach Rings — Similar to apple rings, peach rings provide the same amount of CBD as apple rings but they come in a different flavor and are better suited as additives to other products. 

  • Emoji Face — Last is emoji faces and they are superb for slow starts or beginners due to them having only 6mg of CBD per piece. 

All these gummies are made using domestically grown hemp in the US. They provide a wide range of benefits to your health, including but not limited to, combating depression, back pain relief, and even mood swings.

Just CBD Gummies 250mg

A jar of gummies will cost you around $50 but there are both smaller and larger packs, costing in around $24 and $60 respectively. 

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So, did JustCBD gummies lived up to the expectations? They did, and did they do well! As we already mentioned, CBD edibles are nothing special but somehow, we feel that JustCBD managed to deliver and exceed on almost all fronts.

The taste is authentic and the effect was strong. As for the size of the jar, it is just perfect just like the quality of it. The pricing might turn off some of you but you get what you pay for, and this is exactly what JustCBD is all about.

Their products are amazing and the quality is consistent. If you are looking for good CBD gummies, look no further.

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