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“This uniquely chunky, lightsaber looking device is going to revolutionize the art of smoking medical cannabis,” said Forbes in 2018 about Hydrology 9 portable vaporizer. And they are right!

Why a portable convection vaporizer got Forbes-level fame? The answer is simple: the Cloudious9 engineers had paid maximum attention to every detail.

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The product has gone through multiple revisions and changes. It consists of high-quality materials like polished stainless steel, high-heat glass, and aluminum of the aircraft grade. And the functionality is stunning. But we shall speak of the merits one by one.

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A portable vaporizer with a filtration system

The filtration vaporizers use water or ice to protect your lungs from the particles of smoke, that get into the vapor when working with dry herbs. As a result, you get unusually strong vapor. A reviewer:

“The gentle process of protecting my lungs from the smoke by inhaling it through a liquid, in this case, usually water, ice, or a combination of the two, is always most intriguing. And, at the end of the day, smoking through a liquid is probably safer for my lungs.”

Despite the health benefits, vapers blame the filtration systems for leaking and weight. Well, Hydrology9 is, in fact, a bit hefty due to its size and materials.

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But a sophisticated anti-leak mechanism makes it safe to take around. The engineers made sure you can put this marijuana vaporizer in your luggage or pocket, and no drop of water escapes the holder.

As for the weight – yes, Hydrology9 is a bit hefty. But you won’t blame a Maserati for being too heavy, or will you? You’ll sooner appreciate the speed and feel it gives. The same refers to this excellent weed vaporizer.

By the way – you can use it with the minced tobacco as well.

Carrying Hydrology 9 around you drive attention. Primarily when you use the branded leather pouch that gives you that Al Pacino look.

Interviewing customers

Any contemporary company, including those, who make hand-held vaporizers, speaks about the user-centric approach and investing in user experience. How many of them do research?

The makers of Hydrology9 have run thousands of interviews to detect the pains of the customers. They found one mutual problem: users wanted the quality of water filtration cannabis vaporizer that is also portable. And so they made it!

Hydrology9 parts

Unearthing the secrets of unique vaporization experience

Hydrology9 gives a unique vaporization experience, indeed. This magic phrase means: as you inhale the vapor, it is unusually tender and cool.

But, you don’t have to wait any time for cooling and have the ability to make take a draw as often as you want. It seems a minor feature, but that is how quality looks.

Then, your fast, cool draws are effortless. Almost as light as breathing and safe from carcinogens too. To cut it short, you should feel it.

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You may think, ok, you have the cool and fast vapor, so what? So many, we should say, as these qualities are empowered by patent-pending technologies called “tunnel tube” and “even heat distribution” and as the patents are confirmed, Hydrology9 will be the only weed vaporizer of this functionality.

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Build and design

We’ve mentioned the high-quality materials already. Now we shall give a more detailed review. The aircraft-rate aluminum body is entirely rust-resistant.

The borosilicate glass mouthpiece is sturdy, easy to clean, and has a secret pro: a magnetic cover, to protect it from dirt between uses.

The battery of the vaporizer deserves special attention: it is a lithium polymer battery that lasts for 15 sessions. And it gets fully charged in about three hours.

The heating chamber consists of food-grade porcelain, is excellent in sustaining the desired temperature for long and heats up in about 60 seconds.

Hydrology9 girls


  • Material: stainless steel
  • Tank: borosilicate glass tank
  • Battery: 2000 mA

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The Hydrology 9 portable convection vaporizer has caused big waves in the vaping world, and it deserves every bit and piece of its fame.

The high-quality engineering that caters to the ease of use and durable materials make this vaporizer attractive to newbies and connoisseurs.


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