Juul Pod Ingredients. Is it that Obvious?

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The Juul brand is known for the quality of performance, trendy design, and unique smooth vapor. The famous Juul pods don’t make an exclusion. For those who don’t know what a Juul pod vape is, it’s a stealthy vaporizer operating with nicotine salts

No one knows the exact recipe of Juul salts, but they do give a list of ingredients to the public.  

A typical Juul pod contains 59mg nicotine per milliliter, but the quality of vapor remains smooth.  

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Despite popular internet myths, there are no special Juul pods ingredients, and the contents of their salts don’t differ from other brands. The only thing is the blend of the usual five ingredients, and it seems Juul has found a perfect balance in this domain. 

Although the blending specifics remain obscure, we can describe the Juul ingredients: 

  • Glycerol – it is extracted from plant oils and has an impact on the quality of vapor; mainly, it makes the vapor thick.
  • Propylene Glycol – it is also an organic substance, but the effect on vapor is different: it gives thin and flavorful vapor and caters to a strong throat hit. 
  • Benzoic Acid – it gives a smoother hit since it allows vaporizing at low temperatures. This is a food-grade flavoring.
  • Nicotine – is a highly addictive substance derived from tobacco plants. It produced sedative and stimulating effects on the human nervous system.

E-juice makers use different propylene glycol to vegetable glycerol ratios, playing with the viscosity of vapor. Juul sticks to 30/60 PG to VG ratio, and it means their blend is thin, semi-sweet, and flavorful.

PG or propylene glycol stands for thin vapor, and intense flavor and vegetable glycerin produces thick vapor that has a slightly sweet taste.  

As for nicotine, some brands produce nicotine-free e-juices and slats, yet it’s not the case of ingredients in Juul pods. Currently, they don’t provide any nicotine-free pods. As mentioned, Juul pods average on 59mg nicotine per milliliter. 

Benzoic acid is a common ingredient of nicotine salts, and it’s something that made them stand out from juices. This substance allows us to stuff salt contents with a comparatively large amount of nicotine.

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If this were done to e-juices, they would produce a harsh feeling in the throat. Benzoic acid doesn’t let this happen.

Although Juul is a reputable name in the vaping world, there are a lot of questions to its quality. Here we are going to answer them all. 

Are Juul ingredients FDA accredited? 

Since 2018 vape companies are obliged to follow FDA regulations. Because of that, all the ingredients are double-checked for quality, and the lists of components were made public for broad analysis. As a vape company, Juul follows all the FDA regulations. 

Besides disclosing the lists of ingredients, Juul now has to put the mandatory package warnings, so every buyer is informed about possible side effects of Juul ingredients. 

Is Juul safe? 

Vaping is proved to be 95% safer than smoking; still, it’s not 100% secure. As Juul is a reputable company caring about the safety of clients, the Juul ingredients are selected with a high level of precision and responsibility.

Yet, there is a certain amount of risk due to possible nicotine addiction, allergies, and airways irritation.  

Generally speaking, Juul ingredients are as safe as those of other vape brands. Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are relatively safe. Synthetic nicotine is often coming under criticism due to its addictiveness. 

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Are ingredients in Juul pods safer than those of cigarettes? 

Juul ingredients are propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, benzoic acid, and flavoring. As for cigarettes, they averagely contain about 7000 different chemicals, many of which are cancerogenic. 

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Do cigarettes and Juul pods have the same ingredients?

As mentioned over, they don’t. There are no chemicals in Juul pods beside the enlisted five ingredients, while cigarettes have thousands of such. Therefore we cannot say that Juul ingredients are the same as those of cigarettes.  

Do Juul pod ingredients contain antifreeze?

Juul pods do not contain antifreeze. The myths about antifreeze were born due to the connection between antifreeze and propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is present in antifreeze contents, but not vice versa.

Do Juul pods contain diacetyl?

There is no diacetyl in Juul pods. Some companies do use this chemical as it gives a particular buttery consistency of vapor. Yet, it was proven to be extremely harmful to lungs and now has almost vanished from the vape market. 

What is the most harmful Juul ingredient?

All Juul ingredients besides nicotine are considered relatively safe according to FDA regulations. Nicotine is an addictive substance with controversial fame. Therefore it is not approved for excessive use.

According to FDA regulations, Juul products containing nicotine have special warnings on labels. 

Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine are food-grade products. 

Are Juul products popular among teens?  

Yes, they are. Yet Juul and FDA have taken strong measures to stop the underage vaping trend. Juul products are especially popular among teens, thanks to their design. But, in many countries, there are age restrictions for selling vape products. 

Still, any rule has rule breakers, and the number of teens interested in vaping is staggering.

Summing up…

Juul pod ingredients, except nicotine, are safe and FDA-approved. There are five of them: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, benzoic acid, nicotine, and food-grade flavorings.  

Juul salts have relatively high nicotine contents: 59mg per milliliter, but the vapor is not harsh, thanks to benzoic acid. Although there aren’t any nicotine-free pods, they all are diacetyl-free.  

Generally speaking, Juul is a famous brand, and the ingredients of its pod stake up with the reputation of the company.  


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