Pomp Tetris Pod System Kit Review

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Last year the vape market experienced big waves with the appearance and spread of pod system kits, and these waves don’t seem to break off.

One of the market’s favorites, the Pop Tetris Pod Kit is the hero of today’s review. The first thing that strikes is the design, which remains sleek and elegant.

Pomp Tetris kit

The makers also did their best to add bright functions, like touch-controlled operation, long-lasting battery, and excellent vapor production thanks to the ceramic elements. Let’s review that one by one.

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The thing that buys you at first glance is the compact and portable size. The available color range has only four color options that are rainbow, orange, black, and white.

As for brighter versions, they aren’t those aggressive pop-style bright attention-catchers, rather silent and elegant style understatement.

Pomp Tetris colors

The vape has no buttons, just sensors, but every click is signaled with a vibration, and the whole thing is protected against the miss-klicks. The light indicator (also the sensor) shows the vape mode chosen at the current moment.

Build and Functionality

Pomp Tetris pod kit utilizes ceramic self-clean coils, which, by default, means the highest quality of vapor and flavor. The system has a traditional top-fill design and L-type airflow, which makes the stem convenient to refill and leak-proof.

Pomp Tetris Pod kit has three voltage settings, which are 4.2V for powerful vaping, 3.7V for normal vaping, and 2.7V for soft vaping.

Pomp Tetris components


As mentioned, Pomp Tetris pod utilizes ceramic coils which are quite popular in the modern market, because they never produce burnt taste. The resistance is 1.5 ohm.


It takes five touches on the light indicator to power the device on and off, three taps to change between different voltage settings and two taps to activate the pre-heat function. Different colors of light indicators mark the three available vaping modes.

Pomp Tetris size

Specs and Features

  • Dimensions: 69 x 38.8 x 8 mm
  • Weight: 41.3 g
  • Capacity: 0.5 ml
  • Resistance: 1.5 ohm
  • Battery capacity: 400 mA
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Amperage: 500 mA
  • Top filling design
  • Pre-heating functionality
  • Safety Protections

The vape is stuffed with a handful of nice features for long and safe life. It has programmed overtime, low resistance, overcharge, discharge protections. It also blocks mistaken taps, which is great given its button-free design.

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The vibrate feedback signals you when the tap is taken, so you get better control of functionality. The top-fill also caters to functionality and safety, and the L-type airflow makes the vape not just convenient but also leak-proof.

Pomp Tetris nature

The Starter Kit

The package includes the vaping mechanism, one Pomp Tetris Pod cartridge, a USB cable, and a user manual.

Guarantee Information

The products are protected under the three months warranty starting from the date of delivery, excluding intentional human-made breakage. The maker warns the users to read the manual included in the kit carefully to avoid issues.

Pomp Tetris with marble balls

Juul Compatibility

The Pomp Tetris pod is fully compatible with Juul vapes, which is an excellent advantage to Juul fans who love their toys but also think of going for new options. The compatibility with other vape brands is yet under question, but it’s all to be improved in the future.  

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With the Pomp Tetris pod system, you buy a vape with great design, both visual and functional. Simple and user-friendly operation, three straightforward power settings are just what both a newbie and an experienced vaper needs.

Pomp Tetris on fur

The ceramic coils also provide a whole chain of benefits, like great vapor and flavor, self-cleaning system or protection from the burned taste. The overall impression is that the Pomp Tetris pod deserves to be a standard of good quality.


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