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Looking for an excellent vape to quit smoking a dedicated pipe fan will be relieved to find out that the market has quite a substantial number of high-quality alternatives and the new Zen Pipe from Vape Only is one worthy of attention.

Our today’s hero is packed with pleasant surprises, one of which is its stunning royal look. The pipe mimics the traditional bent design with a billiard-shaped bowl, cut from a solid wood block.

The gilded brass ring and black plastic mouthpiece (reminds high-quality colored ivory) complete the elegant look.

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Now, we’ll brief you on the company that has issued Zen Pipe. Vape Only has been quite a while on the market and got quite respected with their vape mods like the Malle Starter Kit, V Pen Express and Arcus Pen.

Having set quite a high standard of quality Vape Only has done an excellent job to keep the level with its line of pipes.

Five perks jumped out at first glance:

  • Real rosewood and Pyrex design.
  • Two coils with 0.5 ohm and 1.0-ohm resistance.
  • Wooden stands for safe and comfortable storage.
  • Button-free design.
  • A battery charger comes within a starter kit.

The Starter Kit Contents

Zen Pipe comes in a black box in a reserved design of Vape Only. The box includes 1 vape pipe, 2 coils of 0.5 and 1 ohm (bottom vertical coils), two batteries (Samsung INR 18650 – 25R), a USB cable and a battery charger, a user annual and a battery stand for comfortable vaping sessions.

vapeonly zen pipe kit content

As you can see, the particular benefit of the set is a lot of perks, not all other providers supply. Besides an additional coil, you get two batteries and a handy battery charger which is a plus.

How to Start It

To start vaping, you have to first insert a battery into the bowl of a pipe (positive up), and close the cover. As the battery is properly installed, the light flashes three times to signal the start of the operation.

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To activate the e-pipe, you need to make a puff. After every ten seconds of vaping the vape cut out to make a pause.

vapeonly zen pipe box

To fill the vape you have to remove the stem and unscrew the tank with the coil. Fill the tank and re-insert the coil. Screw the tank back to the pipe base and, on completion, attach the stem.

Specs and Features

Size: 120 × 45 × 158 mm

Materials: Pyrex, rosewood, glass

Tank capacity 2 ml

Coils: 1 x 0.5 ohm, 1 x 1.0 ohm

Battery: 18650

Build Quality

The pipe has one flaw, which makes the overall experience less attractive. If you opt to buy it be prepared to a somewhat messy filling cycle. In all the rest, Zen pipe is very nice.

It sits well in hand and feels great as you are keeping it. The build is not much different from other vape pipes, as they all share a similar structure. It is quite lightweight, which is a pro.

vapeonly zen pipe size

As you attach the stem to the basis of the pipe, it feels a bit loose. It may be due to some defect in the production of a single piece, we’ve happened to review, or, maybe it is also a flaw of the whole line.

Yet, it’s not that substantial to distort the positive feeling of one gets at first glance.

As you make a puff, the bowl gets red, which looks authentic and is quite handy, given its button-free design. You know precisely as the pipe is on, and it’s a bit relaxing.

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At last, you don’t have to worry it’s not working, or that you need to take another puff to start it.

Vapor Quality

Traditionally, we recommend tobacco tastes to test e-pipes. Yet, even with one of the most decent brands, the vapor quality was that of average.

The taste is muted compared to that, provided by other pipes. Also, you have to take extra effort puffing to make an amount of vapor you want.

Regarding the vapor amount and flavor quality, our verdict is that the Zen Pipe is not the right thing to a cloud chaser or a flavor tastes savvy.

vapeonly zen pipe

Well, to put it bluntly, you are not buying an e-pipe for cloud chasing, rather for mimicking a traditional pipe smoking experience or searching for an excellent and new way to try out new possibilities of vaping.

Battery Life

In the kit, you have two Samsung 18650 batteries which you can easily swap to avoid nasty interruptions in vaping sessions. One battery life is good for about 6-8 hours of moderate use.

Yet, after the first four hours, the operation quality drops, and you will be naturally feeling like switching to a fresher cell.

By the way, if you want to know the current battery charge level, you can put it into a charger.

When to Use

The electronic pipe is something that will give you a stunning devil-may-care look during a party or a night in a pub. No wonder the famous French guitarist Louis Bertignac loves them.

But, more naturally, the e-pipe will suit if you finally decide you give yourself a pause after a stressful day.

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The Main Takeaway

The Pipe Zen is excellent in its superior design and solid wood feel. It also gives a great feel as you keep it in hand and attracts you sight with bright gilded elements and LED-light on the pipe bowl. On the other side, the flavor and vapor quality could be better.

We liked vaping it with classical tobacco e-liquids, and even with the sub-ohm coil, we couldn’t get any significant flavor production. It gives you a balanced feeling of satisfaction from ergonomic design, stunning look, draw-powered operation, and decent vapor quality. This pipe deserves our attention.


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