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ProVape ProVari is an amazing mod that delivers a top-notch vaping experience. Rumour has it that ProVari might be the mod with the most potent batteries on the market.

This product is surrounded by guesses and stories that justify its impressive price tag. Today, we’ll take a closer look at this device and see whether it really is as legendary as people say.

Meet Another Pro Vari Mod

You must have heard of ProVari, a brand that is sometimes called the Mercedes of the electronic cigarette market. ProVari is praised and loved by their customers because what this company creates in a blast.

An extremely potent battery choice, sleek design, and multiple color choices make each ProVari e-cig feel like a million dollar baby in your hands.

provape provari imageWe could really go on for pages, so if you haven’t seen their products before, at this point take us at a word. ProVari brand is awesome.

In our review, we’ll talk a lot not only about the vape mod but about the entire starter kit because we believe it’s a great way to show what the company really is about.

We’ll also discuss ProVape’s advantages and drawbacks, and hopefully, at the end of this post, you’ll understand whether this ProVari mod corresponds to its declared value.

ProVape Mod: The Starter Kit

Starter kits are packages of extra accessories and other perks that come in the box along with the purchased device. No matter if you’re a rookie or an experienced vaping vet, you’ll always benefit from this bonus.

So what’s in the box? The ProVari itself, a charging cord, and an additional battery. Besides the items mentioned above, there are also two different tanks to hold it all as a case. The kit is nice, and it’s quite pricey, but if you are ready to invest in it, you won’t regret.

ProVari is a device controlled by a microprocessor, so users can control its voltage, which is an amazing feature to have. The starter kit includes two long-lasting lithium-ion batteries, both are super strong. Yet, if you’d like, you can go for another option with extension caps that will make batteries work even longer. You’ll also have a choice between two exceptional tanks or clearomizers.

The fact that the kit has all that stuff is a great plus because once you buy ProVari Vape all you’ll have to think about is what vape juice to buy. The rest is already packed in the box for you to enjoy.

E-Liquids for ProVape

All the other companies say that ProVape juices are premium when discussing their quality. However, in order to be premium, e-liquid has to meet certain standards. So is this juice as extra as they say?

In order to be called premium, an e-liquid must produce a long-lasting thick vapor. If it’s flavored, e-juice needs to have a very distinct and specific taste; namely, if it’s strawberry flavored, it should taste like strawberry, not peach. In addition, the consistency of e-liquid must be similar to a light syrup, which is a bit thicker than water.

provape provari featured imageDo ProVape e-juices meet the quality standards discussed above? Yes, they definitely do! All e-liquids produced by this company are sourced in the USA and they are all perfectly standardized to a particular style and shape.

ProVari produces their e-liquids from VG and PG, whereas nicotine comes from the US-based plants. Finally, the bottles are covered with child-proof caps, which is always good.

The ProVari Vape and Starter Kit: What are the Drawbacks?

A big fat price tag is its most obvious disadvantage. For the amount of money they ask for this mod, they should have had a diamond incrustation on it. And it’s not just us. Many people in the vaping community agree that ProVape e-cig is a bit overpriced.

One could easily buy two kits of some less popular brand for the same money. But this is what you pay for the brand, and it applies to any other luxury product, be it a jacket or a vape mod.

One more disadvantage that was spotted by some users is that the tanks provided in the kit tend to leak. Whereas they do leak at times, it’s a common problem of most brands these days. Still, not every other mod with leaking tank costs that much.

In any case, it’s not just a vape mod and a tank that you get with this purchase. There are spare batteries and a warranty for one year with the possibility of extension for another year for $25.

To conclude…

ProVape is known as the clear industry leader. Even though ProVari produces a very limited amount of items, their products always have a superior quality. Indeed, Pro Vari mod is a bit overpriced, so it heavily depends on you and whether you are ready to splurge on a vaporizer. But if you do, you’ll have the vaping experience of your life, that’s for sure.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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