20 Reasons to Quit Smoking

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Every smoker knows that their habit is not adding to their health. However, every person has their reasons for carrying on the harmful habit. Ask a smoker why they light another cigarette, and you will hear a lot of reasons, from stress relief to an addiction they can’t ditch.

apple or cigarette imageQuitting smoking causes a lot of physical and emotional changes in your body. In this post, we’d like to tell you about the most significant benefits of quitting smoking, both short and long-term.

Fun fact: short-time effects of quitting smoking emerge as soon as twenty minutes after you give up the habit. Long-time effects of quitting smoking can be observed in fifteen years after you give up the habit.

doctors are against smoking imageNot so fun fact: there are some unpleasant side-effects of quitting smoking you may experience shortly after you give up the harmful habit. Among them are headaches, smoker’s cough, insomnia, and irritability. However, none of them can be compared to the harm smoking does to your body and mind.

quitting smoking pack of cigarettes imageHere are top 20 reasons to quit smoking today:

    1. Save Your Lungs
      The first thing you should know that scarring of the lungs cannot be reversed. For this reason, it is crucial to quit smoking before the permanent damage is done. After you give up the habit, you’ll notice that physical activity becomes easier and you don’t run out of breath as quickly as before.
    2. Avoid Emphysema
      Emphysema cannot be cured as for now. But you can prevent it by quitting smoking before the permanent damage is done and cannot be reversed.
    3. Save Your Heart
      Smoking is one of the major causes of heart diseases. You can avoid most of the risks if you quit smoking soonest possible. This will normalize your blood pressure and heart rate within the first day.
    4. Get Your Brain Back on Track
      Your brain starts to work better. When you break the addictive habit, most of the nicotine receptors will recover their regular functionality within four weeks after you give up tobacco.
    5. Get a Sharper Vision
      Did you know that the long-term effects of smoking include loss of vision? Your night vision will improve and you will experience that your vision becomes sharper shortly after your quit smoking in general.
    6. Goodbye Stinky Breath
      Fresh breath is one of the most pleasant effects of quitting smoking. You will feel that the stinky tobacco smell is gone days after you quit smoking. Your smile will also become brighter. The results of your tartar removal procedures will be better and last longer after you give up smoking.
    7. Better Skin
      Your skin will get better. Smoking causes premature skin aging and blemishes no one is excited about.
    8. Bad Blood
      A smoker’s blood is thicker compared to a non-smoker. What happens when you quit smoking? Your blood gets thinner and you avoid the smoking-related blood clot risks. It will get easier for your heart to move the blood around.
    9. Fight the Viruses
      Short-term effects of tobacco include oppression of the immune system. When you stop poisoning your body with tar and other carcinogens a cigarette contains, your immune system gets back to normal.
    10. No Need to Turn the Volume Up
      You might be surprised to learn this, but smoking can cause hearing problems and hearing loss. Quitting will help your hearing get back to normal.
    11. No More Fat
      Excessive cholesterol and fats in blood do nothing good for your health. When you quit smoking, their levels drop. The process of fat buildup in the arteries will slow down accordingly.
    12. DNA Damage
      Smoking affects the whole body, so no wonder it changes your DNA and causes cancer. Giving up the habit can help the body recover from the damage you already exposed it to and prevent cancer.
    13. Fertility Issues
      Smoking suppresses estrogen in women. For this reason, it is vital for female smokers to quit the habit soonest possible. Your estrogen levels will go back to normal gradually over time. Normal estrogen level is vital for a healthy pregnancy.
    14. Sexual Dysfunction
      Smoking affects your sexual life regardless of your gender. In men, it causes erectile dysfunction. Quit today to have a healthy sex life without the repelling tobacco breath.
    15. Save Your Cilia
      Your cilia will function normally soon after you give up the habit that does you no good. The negative effects of quitting smoking include an intensive cough that appears shortly after you give up the habit. However, it only means that the cilia are working on removing all the tar you pumped into your body.
    16. Blood Sugar
      Smoking increases the risks of diabetes and increases the level of your body fat. What happens when you stop smoking? Your blood sugar levels drop, and it becomes easier to get rid of that belly fat.
    17. Heal Yourself
      When you stop smoking, you stop distracting your body from its primary functions. Your blood starts to transport oxygen, nutrients, and minerals to the organs better. This way, any healing process will speed up after you quit smoking.
    18. Stronger and Better Bones
      Your bones and muscles will thank you for giving up the habit as well. Blood will transport oxygen better to them, which will make them healthier and stronger. The risk of bone fractures will decrease as well.
    19. Better Blood Count
      Normal white blood cell count is vital for your health. After you quit smoking, your body will start healing, and the white blood cell count will get back to normal.
    20. A Longer, Happier Life
      The sooner you quit smoking, the more chances you will have for a longer, healthier life. Non-smokers live up to fifteen years longer compared to smokers. If that’s not a good reason to quit, what is?

quitting smoking with vaping imageThis was our list of top twenty reasons to quit smoking today. If you find the power to give up the habit today and take responsibility for your health and well-being, you will be proud of your choice in the future. Gather your willpower and don’t let the stinky smoke control you. After all, your life and health are only in your hands.

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