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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Do you know what the most expensive vape juice is? It is called The Most Expensive E-Juice of all Time and costs $500. You can find it at the Vape Wild online shop. It doesn’t mean all of the products there will cost you an arm and a leg, as the website offers something attractive to everyone. The rumor says even Chuck Norris buys there.

Four Things to Expect from Vape Wild

Besides numerous virtues, we will gladly describe in this Vape Wild review, there are four things which come to the fore at first sight:

Product array is huge. They offer possibly the fanciest e-liquid choice on the market. Although it is what marketers usually say, in respect of Vape Wild it’s true. Their products provide hundreds of samples in categories Fruits, Desserts, Samples, Tobacco, Candy, and Menthol. Perhaps menthol or tobacco flavors are already a plain Jane of the vape market, but the ones from Vape Wild will pamper your taste buds.

Yet, if the traditionalism is not your strong side, fancy something like a Breakfast e-liquid. It’s like Harry Potter’s love potion, that has a specific taste to everyone who tries with the difference that each flavor is separately housed.

Flexibility. Their ability to alter products on demand hits a home run, not to mention their DIY category. If you aren’t sure of a taste choice, benefit from the range of samples or order a custom flavor of the masterpiece quality.

Nicotine is something former smokers like over the roof, but it it’s terribly addictive. With various nicotine grade e-liquids and savory tastes, Vape Wild has the best of two worlds. The nicotine levels of 0, 1.5, 3, 6, 9, and 12 mg/ml you let your body gradually step down on the nicotine amount.

No more PG/VG ratio puzzles. The high PG gives excellent amounts of flavor, and an intense throat hit, while VG stands for the enormous plumes of flavor. Yet, you can’t keep both ingredients high. Usually, you should attentively choose from company to company before you find your perfect ratio. Now your trip is over. At Vape Wild you may select between 20/80, 35/65, and 50/50 ratios. Well, isn’t that flexible?

Prices are low. $500 e-liquid scares the buyers off, not to mention the currently sold-out MeaüxHox which costs $1000. Yet, insiders know, Vape Wild e-juice prices are more than reasonable. You can be chasing the sun with MeaüxHox, yet cheaper options will let you live the time of your life for only $2.9.

Vape Wild never cuts corners on the quality, which is costly for other companies. The above mentioned $2.9 bottle contains 10 ml of substance, while the 15ml e-liquids from other companies average at $12 per piece, which lets us considers Vape Wild offers a good deal.

Great customer care. Granted, Vape Wild do everything to make their audience happy. This includes timely help from the customer support team; small, but pleasant gifts, as they send you free samples on every order above 15$; and even friendly hand-written notes added to watch package, making you feel a member of a particular society.

The listed features are only the top of the iceberg; the others will make you a returning customer. At least from the matter of interest. We take the heats off to their inventiveness and extraordinary sense of humor. For example, everyone has heard of the “Space Pawn” e-liquid, which is always sold out.

Or, every month customers receive a Vape Wild mystery flavor, which they have to test and guess what it is. Honestly, it’s always interesting to see what’s new on Vape Wild mystery.

Vape Wild jumped on the bandwagon with continually evolving lines of tastes and flavors. Here we shall describe some of the best Vape Wild flavors:

MeaüxHox flavor imageMeaüxHox. Of course, the e-liquid costing 1000 dollars is the most intriguing, and the central question is: “Does it really exist?” We couldn’t test that as it is currently sold out, but the reviewers say they tried it and survived the most mind-blowing experience in their lives! Well, to check it out, we have just to wait when it comes back to stock. At least, because this is that same e-liquid Chuck Norris vapes.



Rad Bull Energy e-Juice imageRad Bull Energy E-Juice. Starred 4 by 114 customer reviews, this juice reminds of the famous energy drink. It is smooth, lush, coil-friendly and turns a newbie into a chain vaper.






Goblin Energy e-Juice imageGoblin Energy. It is another replica product. Tasty, flavorful and not too sweet. Firmly reminds the taste of the Monster drink, as if it were warmed and vaporized.






(S+C)2 e-Juice image(S+C)2 e-Juice. This five-star product is second in the category of best-selling e-juices. This is due to its smooth and creamy flavor that got loved by many. S+C is not too sweet and releases excellent taste even if used with a simple 1.25-ohm coil.






On Cloud Custard e-Juice imageOn Cloud Custard e-Juice is excellent for people of sweet flavors, tired from the usual vanilla spectrum. With shades of custard, this e-juice works differently. Yet, being a bestseller, it doesn’t fit everyone. We would refer it to the love-it-or-hate-it category. You should try if it is yours.





Wrangler e-Juice imageWrangler. Solid and classic like the famous cigarette brand. The soft genuine tobacco smell approaches the traditional cigarette taste like nothing else. It is perfect for quitters.






Ice Cold e-Juice imageIce-Cold e-Juice starred five by 400 customers comes in 10 ml bottle with a 3ml nicotine level. Producing mint-menthol shades of flavor, based on the rates of vaping. This e-juice is the only one to deliver icy-cold taste experience and has already become vaping classics.





Brexit At Tiffany's e-Juice imageBrexit At Tiffany’s e-Juice is as marvelous as its name. Dedicated to Brits, who love toffees, this juice blends creamy caramel taste and banana. The 65% VG ratio provides for flavorful clouds, making the liquid one of the top-rated and best-selling products.





Vape Wild eJuice Sample Pack imageVape Wild eJuice Sample Pack. This is not actually a product, but rather a service, we’d like to feature. It is perfect for starters, as you get six e-juices at a better price than if you would buy them separately. You can choose from tens of flavors including a Surprise Me option.





DIY Flavor Sample Pack imageDIY Flavor Sample Pack presents another excellent option for experimenting. You can feel a creator, just decide on which tastes you’re gonna blend. Add some extra features, like glycerin, nicotine and flavor boosts.






Being not be the best manufacturer of e-liquids Vape Wild never stops to shine. Many attribute this to the best combination of price, quality and customization options. With friendly prices and a vast variety of DIY elements, everyone can engineer their best flavor of all times.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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