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This time we are putting to test the SMOK TFV4 Sub Ohm Tank. This vape tank breaks in the array of the same-type products with an extended set of boosted features. The TFV4 comes with triple and quadruple coils and houses a huge RBA section, which thrills us madly.

It rooms up to 5ml of e-juice and caters cool clouds of vapor thank the unique cooling SMOK TFV4 drip tip. The clean top fill doesn’t beat the competitors that have got hold of this feature long ago, but hooks on to the positive general impression. For more details, pass on to the full SMOK tfv4 review.

 Smok TFV4 is not for sale anymore on most sites, but if you still need a decent sub-ohm vape tank, use the button below. 

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SMOK TFV4 Coil Insight

Triple coil TF-T3. The triple coil is sub-ohm, letting current flow at only 0.2-ohm resistance. It is made of high-quality Kanthal and storms in puffs of vape tasting like absolute heaven. Steams at 40W-130W.

Smok TFV4 imageQuadruple coil TF-Q4. The quadruple coil of pure Kanthal turns everything to clouds, even 100% VG e-liquid. Heats at 40W-140W and opposes current at 0.15 ohm only. It’s winning feature is boosted efficiency in e-liquid delivery.

RBA Insight
TFV4 tank rebuildables branch in two great models, i.e., TF R1 and TF R2. They differ in coil head number and resistance. The first one encompasses a single coil head and beats electricity at 0.85 ohms. The second one houses two coil heads and provides for 0.25 ohms. What they share are glistering stainless steel construction and a bigger deck.

Sneak Peek
The rumor has it that SMOK is about to beam new coil options in the near future. We wouldn’t say it is that necessary, as the today’s ones are doing great, but, as they say, there is no limit to perfection. We’ll brief you on four expected newcomers so you can start dreaming of them now.

Smok TFV4 with heads imageTFN2. This coil with the patented nickel coil head and the resistance of 0.12 will be equipped with a temperature sensor. For you, it means no burnt taste under any circumstances.

TFT2. The patented higher resistance dual coil head will beat the current at 1.5, work at the wattage of 20-45W and will feed you with more cooling vapor.

TFTi. Titanium dual coil head will feature temperature sensor and resistance of 0.33 ohm.

TFS6. The sextuple coil head will arrive with immense vaporizing efficiency at the resistance of only 0.44 ohm.

Smok TFV4 topfill imageWhat is the company doing now?
For ones who are not precisely tech-geeks, we will reveal the secret meaning of the tech specs and latest developments. SMOK are working hard on new patents in the sphere of temperature control. TF-N2 Coil & TF- Ti Coil will use nickel and titanium wires, and these metals are great in sensing temperature status.

 Smok TFV4 is not for sale anymore on most sites, but if you still need a decent sub-ohm vape tank, use the button below. 

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Respectively these coils will do great with temperature control mods. Their other introduction is a separate chamber design, meaning each coil sleeps in another room. This means excellent stability, no coil bumps and durability in the long run.

The Satisfaction Ladder
We have tested the current triple and quadruple coils to spot the difference in how they behave at different power levels. Well, we’ve been successful and so we do know now what sensation you are to expect from each of them.

Triple Coil Test
You’ll start receiving good vapor already at 70W, yet no flavor is born at this stage. By slowly raising the wattage up to 100W, be ready to massive plumes of vapor with the first hints of flavor appearing at 100W only. Flavor flies up as the temperature rises, and at 130W you can sense the peak of it. The vapor is hot, no chances to take long draws, but there are no traces of burnt taste even as the wattage hits the maximum of 140W.

Smok TFV4 air slots imageNot to drown in the hot vapor flood we’d recommend not to test the limits. The power of 120W is a golden mean of satisfaction and productivity, and you’d better keep it unless you wanna cook your lungs for dinner.

Quadruple Coil Test
Starting from 40W, you climb up to 60W to receive great clouds and some of the excellent flavor. Delicious vapor sneaks at 80W and huddles your senses in lukewarmness. Bigger clouds come at 90W, and mind you, you have not overheated yet.

After the 100W, the hell-race starts: the bigger the wattage, the better the flavor, yet the temperature would kill Fahrenheit. At 140W the device gets unvapeable.

So, this one is consumable at 80-90W, with higher levels being unbearably hot and too amazing. When comparing both coils, we’d recommend the second one.

Insider’s Tip. Do you know that because of huge amounts of vapor this coil pours nicotine too quickly? Even the 3mg e-liquid can bring about an unpleasant buzz. Keep that in mind when choosing the juice.

 Smok TFV4 is not for sale anymore on most sites, but if you still need a decent sub-ohm vape tank, use the button below. 

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Benefits and Downsides of SMOK TVF4

Let’s chew the right sides one by one for better digestion. Nice professional looking build quality speak of sturdiness and promises a long functional life. With this feature, the SMOK TFV4 tank ruins the stereotype of a slightly lagging build of SMOK’s previous models.

The number of coils to expect is just fascinating. While the current ones performed well, but were lacking cooling at high wattages the newcomers, equipped with the temperature control system are about to beat this drawback.

The best RBA section ever rooms enormous whirls of e-liquid, ends at considerable holes for its flow and grants large space for manipulations. All this makes it a huge benefit of the SMOK’s TFV4. There are no unpleasant burn hits, while the flavor and vapor are great. This means superior engineering really makes the difference.

Speaking of a which, high quality of construction made the TFV4 drip tip a jewel in the crown. It falls into two parts, each of which has a unique function. While the inner tube travels the vapor, the outer ones touch your lips, keeping them super cool, no matter the heat of the steam.

This tank doesn’t leak even when turned on its back, and that is all thanks to the firmly sitting o-ring. To fill it, you comfortably slide the cap back. No extra motion for extra ease.

With the 4 air-flow holes SMOKtech TFV4 will turn your draw in a tornado. Additionally, the power is supported by the bottom airflow.

The 5ml e-juice capacity and the easy top-fill let you choose either you want to vape one flavor long or switch them each after a couple of puffs. With TFV4 you can do both.

There are some of the downsides we want to brief you on, just to ensure some of the drawbacks won’t spoil the general impression. First of all, it’s full and too heavy. It fits perfectly into X Cube II to which it is meant for and overlaps with the other devices. It is 24.5 mm wide and weighs almost 100 mg.

SMOK TFV4 is powerful, gets the clouds fast and ruins the e-juice quickly. The big tank makes for that downside, yet one has to beware the nicotine level, as it penetrates your blood way faster.

The price isn’t the lawn level, but you get what you pay for. And you get an RDA and two coils, extra pyrex glass, cotton, and screwdriver.

 Smok TFV4 is not for sale anymore on most sites, but if you still need a decent sub-ohm vape tank, use the button below. 

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Cutting the long review short, we gotta tell you that this tank is well built and features substantial improvements, like a slide-off top-fill cap, cooling drip tip and huge RBA sections. Regarding the user, it means enormous vapor clouds and excellent flavor quality. Being perhaps the best tank on the market, TVF4 tank is the device to be tried out by every vape connoisseur.


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