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The Atmos Jump vaporizer is a handy and portable vape pen for dry herbs. It is an affordable yet powerful device that is perfect for beginners. This device works with a 1200 mAh battery and has a single heating unit.

There is a single temperature setting to it. The Atmos Jump kit includes the vape pen itself, a plastic mouthpiece, a packing tool, a cleaning brush and an operation manual (including a troubleshooting section).

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Atmos Jump Dry Herb Vaporizer Operation

To start vaping with your Atmos Jump, you need to rotate the mouthpiece against the clock. This move will unlock the device. Next, remove the mouthpiece and load the herb material tightly into the wide and shallow heating chamber. Remember to leave some space for the airflow, do not overload the chamber.

Atmos Jump kit imageNow, mount the mouthpiece back by twisting it clockwise. To activate the device, press its power button quickly three times. You will see the orange LED light on the front of the vape. You can vape when it turns to green (meaning that the device is heated). Finally, you can take a draw and enjoy your Atmos vape pen.

Please note that the device has a battery-saving function and shuts down after five minutes of idle time. In case you need to use the pen again, press the power button shortly three times.

Atmos Jump colors imageTemperature Control with Atmos Jump vape pen

There is a single temperature setting to this device. It is 395F (200C). This temperature is considered to be ideal for vaping. However, there are some Atmos Jump reviews saying that this vape pen could be more/less powerful. Tastes differ, but we also have to agree that lack of temperature control is a drawback of this vape. Still, it is an excellent product for its price.

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Atmos Jump Vapor Quality

The Atmos vapor pen does not have a temperature setting, so you won’t be able to customize your vapor much with it. This device has a moderate vapor production. Vapor quality of this pen is quite satisfying. Compared to more powerful devices, vapor loses flavor a bit too quickly. The quality of the vapor improves throughout the vaping session, and it is best closer to its end.

Atmos Jump chamber imageJump Build Quality

The Atmos Jump herb vape pen is built to last. This device is both durable and stylish. Its carbon fiber body and anodized steel chamber are solid and visually pleasing. The only doubt we have considers the plastic mouthpiece. Plastic is unlikely to survive a fall on a hard surface. However, this material does not interfere with the flavor when handled properly. The mouthpiece locks into the device with plastic teeth. We have yet to check how durable they are when used often.

Atmos Jump Battery

The Atmos Jump kit is equipped with a 1200 mAh vape battery. This internal power unit lasts up to forty minutes of continuous operation. Since the device shuts down automatically after five minutes, one battery charge should be enough for up to six sessions. When the battery is low, you need to charge it for about three hours.

Atmos Jump Use

The Atmos Jump vaporizer reviews confirm that this device is an excellent choice for the money. It’s highly portable, durable, and easy to use. It’s also easy to carry this device around without drawing any attention to it.

Atmos Jump mouthpiece screen imageIt doesn’t look different from most of the e-liquid vape pens either. Some users complain that the draw could be better. We can advise you to make smooth and slow draws for the best vaping experience with this pen.

The Atmos Jump can work with an innovative vapor cooling system called ZEUS Iceborn. This system is created to give you cooler draws and bigger clouds. The ZEUS Iceborn facilitates the vapor quality, and we recommend you to get it as an additional accessory for your Atmos Jump vape.

Advantages of the Atmos Jump vaporizer

– Lasting battery
– Easy to operate and clean
– Affordable price
– Handy and lightweight
– Durable
– Quick heat up
– Good potency and vapor taste
– Five years of warranty

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Drawbacks of the Atmos Jump vaporizer

– Battery charging time (3 hours)
– No thick clouds possible
– A single temperature setting

Is Atmos Jump Worth the Price?

We believe that this vape pen is quite impressive for its price. It is robust, stylish and functional. The pen is handy and discreet, which makes it a perfect device to carry around. It’s quite easy to assemble, pack with the material, use and clean as well (with a brush that comes with the kit or with a cotton swab).

One-button operation makes the device a great choice for inexperienced vapers and for those users who like things simple. It can be hard to find a decent and affordable vape pen. In our opinion, the Atmos Jump is a great product in its price range. Give Atmos Jump a try and enjoy its benefits.


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