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The Uwell Crown is an easy-to-handle sub-ohm tank that fits best for vapers who don’t like any superfluous movements. With this vape tank, you simply take your smooth drags and don’t worry about things like picking cotton, building custom coils and choosing the right settings. The high-quality Uwell Crown tank has a replaceable coil head that makes it one of the best sub-ohm devices on the market.

uwell crown kit imageCrown Vape Tank Look and Feel

An Uwell Crown tank review wouldn’t be complete without an overview of the appearance and performance of the tank. It is a below-average sized vape tank; its length is 22mm at the base. The Crown is 74mm long from the base to the end of the drip tip. Due to its size, the tank can fit on any mod, even on a narrow 18650 single-battery mod.

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The tank has 4 ml capacity. The top-fill design of this tank is quite convenient, unlike the majority of the messy top-fill mods. There is a removable top cap, and top fill ports that make the refilling process clean and smooth.

There is an airflow ring on the side of the base. It has knurling on its surface and protrudes by 1 mm. You can grip and adjust it quickly. There is an AFC ring that is quite easy to adjust as well. The ergonomic design of the AFC is worth mentioning because it is not usually present in the majority of the modern sub-ohm tanks.

uwell crown colors imageAnother awesome thing about this particular tank is that Crown Tank coils can be replaced. You can unscrew the base from the tank and access the coil head quickly and easily. When you do it, you’ll notice that the shaft section consists of two sections that are screwed on together.

This construction retains the quartz glass tube in its designated place. So, even if you remove the base and turn the whole construction over, there will be no spilling as long as you do not remove the top cap from the tank. This makes Uwell Crown tank coils more convenient than any competitors on the market.

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Uwell Crown Sub-Ohm Tank Kit Overview

If you decide to give this sub ohm tank a try and purchase it, you will get a hard plastic box with the following elements:

1x Uwell Crown sub-ohm tank (+ 1x pre-established wide-bore drip tip + 0.25-ohm stainless steel coil head (pre-installed in the tank))
1x extra 0.5-ohm coil head made of stainless steel
1x extra coil head made of Ni200
1x extra quartz glass tank
1x bag of extra O-rings
1x operation manual

You can choose a vape in one of the following six colors:
– Stainless steel
– Iridescent
– Black
– Matte black
– Sapphire blue
– Purple

According to the reviews of the users, black color is the most durable. It does not chip easily and does not fade.

uwell crown 4 pieces imageAn RBA base for the Crown sub-ohm tank needs to be purchased separately as it is not included in the kit. The Uwell Crown RBA is not an obligatory element. However, it is a recommended item for users who enjoy making their own coils and wicking rather than replacing pre-built coil heads.

A Closer Look at Uwell Crown Coils

The Uwell Crown coils are made of stainless steel, which is a huge improvement compared to the popular nichrome coils. First of all, stainless steel allows introducing features like temperature control and variable voltage/wattage, which is impossible with nichrome.

uwell crown details imageStainless steel does not mess with the taste of the vapor and does not produce any odor, which makes it an optimal choice for flavor-chasers. Also, this metal does not cause any irritation or allergy. Stainless steel coils do not drain the battery quickly, which is another great thing about them.

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The two Uwell Crown coils are used in parallel, which allows you to achieve lower resistance and get more vapor consequently. The stainless steel coils can be used with TC, VV and VW devices, which is so much more than a Ni200 coil can offer.

Crown Tank: Review of Operation

Most Uwell crown reviews will tell you that the Uwell Crown sub-ohm tank is an undisputed leader in its category. If you are looking for a bit resistive direct lung hit, opens the airflow of the vape all the way up. If you would like to use the Crown as an MLT atomizer and get a tight draw, opt for the lowest settings of the tank.

uwell crown apart imageSpeaking of the performance of the Crown, it keeps up with the rest of the modern sub-ohm tanks you can find on the market. Flavor and vapor production are up to scratch as well.

It’s incredibly easy to refill the tank due to its design. There are two options: top fill and bottom fill. We believe that top fill is much more comfortable, but there might be some users who think the opposite.

It’s always good to have options. The Crown tank is very easy to maintain as well. You can disassemble the tank easily within seconds. Also, you get nearly all you can need to replace in the kit with your first purchase.

Here’s a list of the best and the not-so-good things about the Uwell Crown sub-ohm tank.

uwell crown silver imageAdvantages:
– Sufficient vapor with a pure flavor;
– Stylish and compact;
– Ergonomic design of the AFC ring;
– Capacious tank;
– Quartz-glass material of the tank never overheats.

– RBA base is not included in the kit;
– The drip tip heats up quite a bit during chain-vaping sessions.

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All in all, the Uwell Crown is a revolutionary sub-ohm tank that lives up to the billing. Its stainless steel coils, sleek and ergonomic design and high build quality make it a leading sub-ohm tank on the market. The Uwell Crown lets you experience all the benefits of sub-ohm vaping without having to invest and adjust a lot. What else is there to look for?


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