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Despite its name, the SMOK AL85 Alien Baby is not a simple vape mod at all. It presents the ergonomic copy of the famous SMOK Alien packed with some slight improvements for demanding users. 

The very brand itself speaks for the quality. Even vape newbies know that the name SMOK equals to the high level of performance and trendy designs.

Their SMOK Alien Mod has caused big waves in the vaping world. It won tons of fans and no wonder that the new version or SMOK AL85 Alien Baby is not left without attention. 

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Here, we’ve prepared a comprehensive analysis of the newbie to check if the SMOK AL85 is worth the noise it made. 

SMOK AL85 colors

Style and Design

The first thing you like when you open the SMOK AL85 kit is the style. SMOK AL85 mod is sleek, although it feels quite substantial in hands.

The glossy finish is free from abundant design elements, as the company restricted decorations to the brand name in the reserved style printed on the surface.

Sturdy materials speak of high quality and add to substantial feel when gripped in hand. It’s not the device to drop, as it’s not too clumsy and not too lightweight. Although the Alien Baby is not big, and it is easy to hide in hand. 

Why Alien, Brother? 

Compared to Alien, the AL85 has slight changes in design. Namely, it is broader and shorter and also has some adjustments in build.

Compared to the predecessor, the battery sits on top of the vape, next to 510 connection. In all the rest, SMOK AL85 mod looks very similar to Alien. 

SMOK AL85 mod

Main Features

Compared to the Alien mod, the Baby vape is more uncomplicated in use, although equal in operation.

It looks like the makers tried to sustain all the best qualities of performance while adjusting the brilliant Alien vape to the needs of less experienced vapers, or make it more comfortable for the use on-the-go. 

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The tank features high-grade materials like stainless steel and reinforced glass. The pre-built turbo engine coil caters to dynamite vapor production. The replacement coils come in the resistance of 0.2 and 0.15 ohms.

It contains up to 3 ml of e-liquid and is easy to fill with the top-fill design with a hinged lock. With all of that, it’s just 22 mm in diameter, which caters to the portability.

The standard 510 connection opens the way to variations, enabling users to experiment with other vapes or use SMOK AL85 with other tanks. 

SMOK AL85 tank

Power settings 

Compared to 220W Alien, the baby brother operates at a maximum of 85W. It’s not enough for the experienced vapers aiming at the extreme, but quite enough to provide substantial vaping experience. 

Buttons and Display

These are the standard elements of most of the high-tech vapes, so their design variants don’t present any spectacular surprises except for usability.

The OLED screen introduces all the needed details like temperature settings, voltage, wattage, amperage, and resistance at one glance. The additional pro is the puff count.

All the parameters mentioned above are easy to access with the handy buttons, placed specially to maximize user comfort. 

SMOK AL85 Battery

The vape utilizes the standard high-amperage 18650 battery.


The ergonomic size of SMOK AL85 caters to the compact grip. Besides, it is comfortable to hold in hand; the vape fits any pocket and is ideal to use on-the-go. 

Overall Performance

The mini version of Alien impresses in terms of performance. Although the maximum power is not 220W, it produces powerful vapor and potent flavor able to please even the most demanding vapers.

The best tank option is, of course, the TFV8 Baby Beast tank. The tank offers exceptionally pure flavor and potent clouds. 

Overall Tech Features

  • Dimensions: 71 x 48 x 27 mm
  • Wattage: 85W
  • Battery: 18650
  • Temperature: 90o C – 315o C
  • Resistance: min 0.06 ohm
  • Materials: zinc, glass
  • Connection: 510 threaded
  • Tank capacity: 3 ml

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In conclusion of our SMOK AL85 review, we’ll add that the Baby mod from SMOK represents the best features of its brand and stands for the high quality of build and performance.

The user-friendly design and ergonomic size make it easy to use wherever you go, and the great cloud and flavor production will not disappoint even the most experienced vapers. Take a try!

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