Smok Alien 220W Review

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An Overview of Smok Alien 220w Mod

The Smok Alien mod is a compact yet powerful device that can be called an outstanding combination of a powerful mod and a sub-ohm tank atomizer. It can fill the space around you with impressive creamy clouds of flavorful vapor moments after you fire it. You will definitely be surprised at what compact Alien Smok can do. The Smok Alien kit is powerful beyond every vaper’s imagination.

SMOK Alien 220W kit imageIts dual battery configuration makes it possible for the device to last a whole day without a problem. Its dual battery configuration guarantees the sustainable and reliable performance of the device during one day even if you are a heavy vaper. If you find your Smok Alien not working, most probably, the batteries are faulty. It’s also easy to charge the device by plugging its mini-USB cord to your mobile’s charger.

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Since the device is very lightweight, it’s quite comfortable to carry it around in your pocket. You can find a lot of Smok Alien reviews, where the happy vapers share their delightful experience with this device.

Features of Smok Alien 220w Kit

The Smok Alien 220w mod kit is a lightweight but robust device that feels great in hand. It is equipped with a large LCD screen, located on the frame. The back cover of the mod is made of neat carbon fiber. It is also well-designed, with different color stripes running through the body. There are the following Smok Alien colors available: gold and black trim, full rainbow, green and gold trim, yellow with black splatter, blue camo, red camo, green and red splatter.

Due to its sleek design, the mod seems smaller than it actually is. There are jumbo signs inside the battery compartment. When you get your starter kit, you will also find a colored operation manual and battery safety information inside the box. This way, you won’t have any troubles getting started.

To start the Alien Smok, a user needs to grip it or press the thumb on the side of the device. With this mod, you won’t have to search for the fire button. This vape works with two 18650 batteries that need to be purchased separately. The maximum power output of Smok Alien vape is 220-watt. It’s an impressive value that lets the mod surpass its counterparts.

The TFV8 Tank Overview

SMOK Alien 220W with tank image
The TFV8 tank has adjustable airflow holes that make it a perfect fit for both flavor and cloud chasing. With its help, you can blow out huge clouds of vapor in next to no time. In case you enjoy vaping hot juice, you can raise the wattage without having to worry about getting any dry hits. Also, the Derlin tip of the tank is there to keep your lips safe even when the tank gets hot from the chain hits.

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Smok Alien Vs. Smok Al85 Alien Baby: What to Choose?

The good reputation of Smok AL85 Alien Baby is known to experienced vapers, whereas the Smok Alien has just recently started conquering the vaping world with its 220W precision and immense vapor production. The Alien Smok is a small pocket mod, powered by one 18650 battery.

This vape has a 510 connector pin on the top and a top battery cap next to it, which is very easy to unscrew when you need to remove the battery.

As for the Smok AL85 Alien Baby starter kit, it is equipped with a hallowed TFV8 Baby Beast tank. It sounds like a combination that delivers maximum performance and pleasure to the users.

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What Does the Kit Include?

The Smok Alien 220w starter kit is a well-balanced set of everything a vaper needs for an excellent vaping session. Its constituents are as follows:
– 1x AL85 Alien Baby mod;
– 1x TFV8 Baby Beast tank with 3ml capacity;
– 1x V8 Baby-Q2 Core 0.4ohm double coil head (pre-mounted);
– 1x Spare V8 Baby-Q2 Core 0.6ohm double coil head;
– 1x Set of spare parts;
– 1x Operation manual;
– 1x USB cable for charging.

What Are the Features of the Mod?

As you can see, when you get your Smok Alien 220w TC starter kit, you can start trying it out the moment you install the batteries and fill the tank. No adjustments, configurations, and fuss needed. The SMOK AL85 Alien Baby has the same setup that the majority of Smok devices have.

There is a numbered menu for an easy intuitive control of all the features of the device, from screen brightness to different vaping modes. It’s also quite convenient that there is an icon displaying the battery level in a live mode.

The SMOK AL85 Alien Baby lets you control the following features as well:
– Drawing strength (soft, normal and hard);
– Memory modes;
– Variable wattage;
– Temperature control;
– Amp power;
– Vaping timer;
– Puff counter.

In case you wonder how to reset Smok Alien, we should tell you that it’s not that easy. There is no factory reset button hidden anywhere. To hard reset your device, you will need to use one of the methods you can find on Reddit. However, none of them is recommended by the manufacturer.

The Smoktech Alien 220w has some drawbacks that could disappoint some vapers. However, we don’t think any of them can outweigh all the advantages this modern kit has. Still, it’s only fair to let you know about them:

– There is no rebuildable deck in the kit (needs to be purchased separately);
– Atomizer becomes uncomfortably hot during chain vaping;
– 0.8 inches atomizers will have a bit of overhang.

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Final Thoughts

If you are not sure yet whether the Smok Alien is a fit for your needs, you can look up some recent Smok Alien 220w reviews online or ask your vaper friends what they think about it. However, after testing this kit, we can say that Smok gave proper attention to every detail of this device. The Alien is a powerful device that has many bonuses, like an extra glass tank for the atomizer and two rubber bands to protect it.

The Alien kit is definitely an excellent choice for beginner vapers. It’s a powerful, reliable and sustainable device, and the only thing you will need to worry about is which color to choose.


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