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Cloud Chasing as a Competition

Cloud chasing can be best described as competitive vaping or stunt vaping. While chasing clouds, vapers use their devices, materials, and skills to blow out the biggest possible clouds of vapor. Vape clouds chasing can be compared to sports since there are competitions among cloudchasers across the US and the whole world. While vapers take part in some contests just for fun, there are events that offer impressive money prizes to the winners.

For experienced and enthusiastic cloud chasers there is nothing more interesting than rebuilding and adjusting their atomizers for the sake of perfect clouds. Vaping cloud competition is not like any other kind of contest. Here, fun is what matters the most.

cloud chasing guy blowing os imageSome people might think that cloud chasing itself is a waste of time, and cloud chasing competition is a double waste of it. However, there are haters of everything that’s good in this world, so instead of concentrating on the negativity, look at the bright side and discover that cloud chasing raises awareness regarding vaping, unites like-minded people, and gives them an opportunity to spend their free time in a fun and exciting way, without having to light that stinky tobacco cigarette.

Introduction to Cloud Chasing

You must have seen a person bragging huge clouds of vapor in public at least once and wondered how they do it. If you wonder how to learn how to vape big clouds, this post is for you. All you need to know about cloud chasing builds and the magic of breathing out huge vape clouds is here.

cloud chasing guy in the green cap vaping imageCurrently, the market is full of sub-ohm tanks and RDAs, and other cloud chaser vapes. High demand for these products pushes the manufacturers to their limits and makes them search for new ways of satisfying the most sophisticated cloud chasers.

Sometimes it feels like a new cloud vape is being released every week and every popular one is being updated more often than an Instagram app. It all shows that cloud vaping is all the rage now and isn’t going to disappear anytime soon.

Ten Rules of a Cloud Chaser

Every cloud chaser needs to consider the following ten factors when searching for/ making the best vapes for clouds.

1. E-liquid

VG is in charge of the thickness of the vapor. The higher the VG percentage in your vape juice is, the thicker clouds you will get.

cloud chasing vape tricks image2. Airflow

The lower the resistance of the vape, the larger airflow is needed. However, excessive airflow can make your clouds thinner, and no cloud chaser wants that.

3. Safety of the battery

Any vaping experience should be safe before anything else. When it comes to vape batteries, there is no middle path; you always need to choose the best. Currently, Sony VTC4 and VTC5 have a reputation as the most reliable and safe vape batteries.

4. Atomizer

A high-quality RDA is a centerpiece of any cloud-chasing device. From our experience, we recommend Plume Veil or Tugboat.

cloud chasing girl vaping image5. Vape mod

It is critical to find a vape for cloud chasing that will power the low-resistance coil builds for clouds.

6. Breathing and posture

There are small but efficient techniques of breathing and posing for the sake of the biggest vape clouds. You can find many good tutorials.

7. Lung capacity

Note that lung capacity is a personal characteristic of an individual. Some people simply can inhale more vapor than others. You can train your lungs by engaging in activities like rib stretch, pursed-lips breathing, and diaphragmatic breathing. Regular physical exercises help a lot as well.

cloud chasing girl doing vape tricks image8. Build

There are builds for clouds of different complexity. Some crazy coil builds are very difficult to make, while others are simple and effective. Any build influences vapor production a lot. The lower the resistance of the build, the bigger cloud you will get.

9. Wicking

It’s another crucial factor that makes or breaks your clouds. It determines the way the e-liquid and air flow to the coils and what quality of vapor is produced.

10. Skill

Don’t get discouraged if you cannot breathe out a cloud of vapor, similar to a nuclear one, from the first try. They say practice makes perfect for a reason. Try different techniques, ask your fellow vapers or check out a few video tutorials, and you’ll get there.

cloud chasing girl doing 3 meduzas imageIs Cloud-Chasing Safe?

Chasing vape clouds can be dangerous for your health if you do in a wrong way with the wrong tools. First of all, you should follow the battery safety guidelines and Ohm’s law. Also, you need to be of legal age to be able to purchase the products, needed for chasing the biggest vape clouds.

Legal age varies from region to region, and many websites offering vaping products have an age restriction page you see when you enter the website.

Best Coils for Clouds

Vapers are constantly looking for new cloud chasing coil builds that will deliver fat clouds of dense vapor. According to the reviews of the experienced cloud chasers, the best coils for clouds are Clapton coils, parallel coils, twisted coils, staged heating coils, and staple coils.

Apart from having the best coil, you need to take care of the airflow. Sufficient airflow is essential for the right cloud density. Inhale and exhale techniques can change the picture a lot as well. Speaking of wire, most cloud chasers opt for 24g wire or even smaller.

cloud chasing blow os imageThe resistance of such a wire in a parallel or twisted build is significantly lower compared to a single build, and the two wires work great as one big wire in this case.

Cloud Chasing: Fun or Competition?

You can simply assemble a Kanger Subtank Mini with a .5 Ohm coil head on an iStick. Or, you can take an unregulated mechanical mod and make it work with builds below 1 Ohm. Just remember that dense clouds of flavorful vapor are possible anywhere under 3 Ohms.

If you are a beginner vaper just discovering the world of cloud chasing, we recommend that you get a regulated device at first. It’s always a better choice to enjoy sub-ohm vaping while staying safe. Never tolerate your safety for the sake of competition or economy.

Some cloud-chasers find that 1 Ohm is not enough for them and vape with the builds that handle 0.9 Ohm and even less. For such vapers, chasing cloud became a sport, and they won’t give up till they are the best.

Final Thoughts

Chasing clouds is the new black of vaping. Sub-ohm vapers turned it into a competition that is a lot of fun when handled correctly. However, there are some threats connected to cloud chasing, so make sure you know what you are doing and take all the needed precautions before you engage in this activity.

Don’t take any pre-built or handmade mod close to your face until you are a hundred percent sure it is safe for exploitation. In case the device or the battery gets hot, put it on the ground and step away from it. Make safety your priority and enjoy those awesome clouds![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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