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Vape Tricks for Beginners and More Advanced Vape Fans

It is common knowledge that vaping is becoming more and more popular every year. Moreover, according to some studies, Vaping is a safer alternative to ordinary cigarettes, tobacco, and weed.

However, vaping is not only less harmful, but also exciting and fun. Many people transform vape into game or art – they perform numerous tricks starting from the easiest ones like Ghost Inhale, Vapor Bubble and French Inhale up to more sophisticated tricks such as Jellyfish and Triangle.

People who enjoy vaping are developing more and more ideas constantly, they master and improve the existing tricks and come up with new challenges for advanced fans of vaping.

To be on the track of the latest changes, we came up with the list of marvelous ideas for the ones who want to become a vape magician. Let’s break down on the most popular vape tricks right now.

To begin with, your enthusiasm is not enough for excellent tricks, be sure you have a good box mod vape and a sub-ohm vape tank. It is much more difficult to become a vape-magician with a regular vape pen.

Here you have the detailed explanation of every task accompanied by a video tutorial. Are you excited? Check out the list, pick up your favorite one, learn, perform and share with us.

The most enjoyable and fascinating vape tricks:
– Ghost Inhale
– Bane & French Inhale
– Dragon
– Vapor Bubble
– Tornado
– Waterfall
– Atomic Bomb
– Blowing O’s
– Double, Triple O’s
– Bull Ring
– Jellyfish
– Bow Tie
– Vape Bending
– Triangles

Let’s start with the easiest ones. Through gaining experience and having fun we will make tricks more complex.

Ghost Inhale

Ghost Inhale is the necessity, not just a trick. The trick is as easy as ABC, that’s why Inhale is usually a favorite trick for beginners. Inhale itself is a vapor ball release; pretty often it is usually taken as the first step to more complicated tricks.

Ghost inhale step by step

Take a long MTL drag and let it stay in your mouth for a moment. Open your mouth and stick it in an O-shape, by doing so you will allow vapor to come out in the shape of a ball. Do not use your lungs to force the vapor – it must flow naturally. Once the vapor is out, close your lips immediately.

Watch the video for the better understanding and enjoy your first trick!


Bane French Inhale

When you get bored with constant repeating Ghost Inhale, it is high time to go to the next level. Bane French inhale is just a bit more complex than the Ghost one. The main difference is that during the French inhale you breeze in the vapor through your nostrils.

French Inhale step by step

Take a deep breath and let the vapor stay inside for a moment. Open your mouth and slightly push the lower jaw out. Similarly to the Ghost Inhale, let the vapor come out naturally. The main task you need to do is to breathe evenly through the nose during the whole trick, so the vapor appears in your nostrils again.

Are you a fan of the Nolan’s Batman? Try to make Bane French Inhale similar to the main villain from the famous DC movie. To make Bane, let the vapor come out in thin pipes by putting your teeth in the way of vapor. Sounds complicated? Check out the video tutorial to make it simpler.


Once you’re finished with Inhales, let’s move on to the Dragon. The trick lets you become a dangerous magical creature for a couple of seconds. Your face expression will remind of a powerful and ruthless dragon as vapor coming out through corners of your mouth and through the nose.

Dragon step by step

Take a drag. Exhale through the nose and through both corners of your mouth. The tricky part is to keep the middle of your lips close, and exhaling through the corners simultaneously. Practice the trick in front of the mirror, and also watch the video to see how others it.

Vapor Bubble

It is as simple as it says. Simple things are genius, aren’t they? Huge and small bubbles filled with vapor look impressive, especially when they burst!

The Vapor Bubble step by step

For this trick, you will need a plastic bottle, hand soap, and water. Cut out the bottom of a plastic bottle, the smaller the bottle, the better. Make the liquid for the bubbles by mixing hand soap and water, you may also use shampoo or shower gel.

Put the bottom part of the bottle into the liquid and lightly inhale the vapor. For this trick, you may use soap bubbles liquid from the toy store as well. Watch the video to learn more.


Transform vapor into tornado shape to impress your friends. The name describes the main feature of the trick. You create a small trickle of smoke that moves like a small tornado.

Tornado Step by Step

You will need almost ideally smooth and super flat surface to make it happen. Bear in mind, that the surface must be pretty thick as well. Exhale the vapor on the surface, don’t do any sharp moves and let it stay on the surface for a second. Next, chop the surface using the palm of the hand.

To make the tornado happen, wrist up and raise your arm, pointing in the direction of your body. Check out the video to master this maneuver.


This trick reminds the water falling from the heights, but instead of water, the vapor will go down from the bottle. It is a nice and easy task for the beginners, as well as good entertainment for the more experienced ones.

Waterfall Step by Step

You will need a bottle of frozen water on the bottom to make vapor thicker and more mystical. All the further steps are simple. Take a drag, exhale it into the bottle and turn it upside down. Let the vapor come out of the bottle slowly and stylishly.

Atomic Bomb

If you do not have anything to do with your vape friends, it is a perfect game for all of you. The trick is super simple, but it demands much vapor.

Atomic Bomb Step by Step

Find a big polyethene bag; it may be the one from a grocery store or even a garbage bag. Exhale vapor into the bag, ask your friends for help to make it faster and better. Don’t do it abruptly, be sure the vapor stays in the bag. When the bag is full, let the vapor out using your knee to punch the bottom. Record a funny video and share it with the vaper community online.

Blowing O’s

“Blowing O’s” is one of the most prominent tricks loved by many people. However, making the letter O out of vapor is not as easy as it seems to be.

Blowing O’s Step by Step

Take a rip from your vape device and keep it in for a second. Make an O shape with your lips and keep your tongue at the bottom of your mouth. When the vapor starts coming out as an O-shape, push it out, using the muscles from your throat. Check out the video and enjoy shaping your O’s.

Double, Triple O’s

Making a simple O is just the beginning; get ready for more challenging tasks. Exhale two or more O’s at the same time to make a big impression on your peers.

Double, Triple O’s Step by Step

Take a really deep draw, put a finger in the middle of your lips, and lightly open your mouth. Exhale the vapor slowly, at the same time poking your throat with the finger on the other hand. As a result, you will have dozens of small O’s all around; the view is pretty nice, watch the tutorial before practicing.

Bull Ring

Let’s master O-rings even better. This trick is funny because you need to inhale and exhale O-rings both through your mouth and nose.

Bull Ring step by step

Make a ring with your mouth, and inhale it immediately with your nose. Breathe out through nose after it so the small beautiful rings appear. You need to do step by step pretty fast. Don’t worry if you don’t succeed on the first try. The Bull Ring is an interesting trick; take your time to master it!


It is a bit more complicated but amazingly beautiful trick. As a result, the vapor will transform into a jellyfish flying in the air.

Jellyfish step by step

Before practicing Jellyfish, you need to be good at Blowing O’s that we have already discussed right above. Jellyfish consists of two O-rings. Firstly, blow the first ring and pull it forward, don’t blow, move it using only your hands. When the O is in the air, blow the second one right in the middle of the first one. Check out some great videos with fantastic vapor Jellyfish.

Bow Tie

Another amazing trick based on the good old O-ring. This time the ring transforms into the perfect bow tie.

Bow Tie step by step

Make at least two O’s one after another. Inhale them back immediately; as soon as the rings touch your lips, let them go together. From the distance, it will look like a classy bow tie.

Vape Bending

You can do the vapor magic with your hands as well. The only thing you need to remember is to have a good liquid that allows you to make thick and heavy rings.

To move the rings around the room, try to force the air with the palm of your hand, fingers close to each other. Moving the O-rings with hand gives much space for your imagination and allows you to create interesting combinations of the O-rings. Watch the video and get impressed by the mastery of experienced vapor fans.


The cherry on the top of the today’s tricks; when you are confident with O-blowing and Vape Bending, upgrade your skills and learn how to make a triangle.

Triangle step by step

As always, we start with a ring. Then, quickly push the ring down twice with your forearm. The O-ring will start to roll and change its shape into the triangle. This maneuver requires much practice and really fast and precise moves.

Famous last words about Vape Tricks

We hope you find these tricks amusing and entertaining, and after reading this article you will practice some cool stuff to share with your friends and simply have a great time. Vape is a great thing to relax, as well as a great hobby for the most engaged ones. The best way to learn is to practice it in front of the mirror to see what may be done differently.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, but keep in mind the basic rules and take care of your safety. Some tricks may take some time, effort and courage, but they are definitely worth it. Once you learn it, don’t hesitate to show off your new skills to your friends, especially the ones who are into vaping. Learn how to perform the tricks and enjoy every single inhale as much as we do![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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