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Vaping is a new alternative to smoking. However, you still consume nicotine while vaping. Therefore, there are a lot of discussions about whether vaping is harmful or not. Recent studies have shown that vaping affects you in different ways.

Nevertheless, the vaping industry is booming now. More and more people decide to go vape each day. Its rising popularity attracts a lot of attention. That is one more reason for you to know the harmful effects of vaping.


Before discussing the harmful effects of vaping it is important to make sure that the whole picture is taken into consideration. According to the research conducted at the UNC Center for Environmental Medicine, Asthma, and Lung Biology vaping suppresses immune genes, in the same manner, smoking a cigarette does.

Recent studies, reviews, and news headlines show that the vaping industry is going to cost more than $10 billion by 2019. There are now more than 5000 vape shops in the United States. Due to that, it is crucial to make people informed regarding some of the health effects of vaping.

Vaping Side Effects

There are many different side effects of vaping. They include dry mouth, dizziness, vaping cough, and dry skin. Smokers can also experience itchiness, dry eyes, and insomnia. The latter, however, often occurs when a person is trying to quit. Some of the harshest side effects are nosebleeds and bleeding gums.

Medical data indicates that these side effects occur with people who smoke on a regular basis. Nevertheless, many smokers have never ever experienced any of the mentioned symptoms. Even though the list is incomplete, it is true that one can smoke and still never experience any negative effects whatsoever.

It’d be much smarter not to get afraid of the side effects of vaping right away. Any substance, even the most healthy one, might cause side effects. That is just how a human body reacts when some new chemical substances are introduced. Therefore, it doesn’t really matter whether you inhale, ingest or just touch a new substance because, either way, it is going to affect your body somehow.

E-liquids designed for vaping consist of the three main components: nicotine, VG/PG base, and flavoring. These are mostly chemically derived substances. Thus, vaping can cause either short-term temporary side effects or even long-term serious health issues. It all really depends on how a certain individual’s body is affected by the vaping chemicals.

It is a scientific fact that vaping causes addiction the same as any other kind of smoking does. For example, e-cigs and other smart new vaporizers make it look like a new thing. Yet, the addiction stays the same as it has always been with smoking anything that contains nicotine.

However, vaping dependency is definitely a new thing. It needs, like any trend, for example, internet addiction or tanning dependency, a new modern approach. That is the reason why recent vaping researches have been conducted.

The world’s attitude towards vaping is controversial. Even though it is definitely healthier than regular smoking, vaping has been criticized for, perhaps, its own benefit. By all means, people need to know how they are influenced by what they use. Here are some more negative effects of vaping: headache, tongue inflammation, black tongue, allergies, chest pain, breathing problems, and sleeplessness.

There are more things you definitely need to know about vaping. Yes, it is healthier than regular smoking. Nevertheless, it is still harmful. Vaping can hurt your sexual performance, change your emotional state, and affect your memory. Short-effects of vaping are similar to those caused by regular smoking.

Any of the side effects can be managed over time depending on the amount consumed by a smoker. History of use as well as individual approach to smoking both have a strong effect on the intensity and seriousness of the side effects.

Time is of the essence when it comes to vaping side effects. Some of the ways in which e-liquid affects you are temporary. Well, in fact, most of the side effects are temporary. In case you’re new to vaping, it would definitely change how you feel. However, with your body becoming regular to vaping most of the side effects are going to cease.

The scientific fact is that vaping is better than smoking. Most of the people who switched from regular smoking to vaping report improvement in their health condition. For example, people who had experienced asthma, hypertension or diabetes claim that switching to vaping from regular smoking made them feel better.

You should always keep in mind that pure nicotine is poisonous. It is toxic, therefore, it needs to be kept away from your skin and never ingested directly.

How to Deal With It

Most of the long-term effects of vaping can be dealt with over some time. Therefore, you need to take precautionary measures in order to get the best from the vaping experience. Anyway, see how you can take down each of the most common side effects of vaping.

Dry mouth and skin issues are caused by dehydration. It can cause dry mouth, dry throat, and red skin. The key to handle it is to drink more water. Generally, a human person should drink around 1.5 liters of clean water a day. Drinking this amount of liquid will minimize the health effects of vaping dramatically.

Staying hydrated is also essential for how you feel. When there’s a critical lack of water in your body, it can cause anxiety, fatigues, and dizziness. Vaping + dehydration will definitely make you feel bad.

Dizziness can easily be dealt with. It is caused by nicotine. When you feel dizzy it means that your body just can’t handle the amount of nicotine you’re trying to consume. Switching to an e-liquid that contains less nicotine can help you a lot. Or you can try vaping at a higher resistance.

A moderate approach to vaping is a good advice. You should always be careful about the things you consume. Some people experience side effects because they vape immoderately. Others successfully avoid many of the side effects by limiting their use. You are the only one who knows how much you need. Therefore, it is totally up to you to avoid vaping side effects.

Some people report caffeine sensitivity. People who switch to vaping say they begin to consume more coffee over time. You definitely need to look over your caffeine consumption because some of the vaping side effects are often confused with that caused by drinking coffee. Moderate the amount of coffee you’re drinking in order to get the best from vaping without experiencing its side effects.

As it was mentioned before, e-liquids contain PG/VG base. PG can cause allergies. However, VG consists entirely of the components derived from vegetables. Those go easy on your system. Thus, if you find it difficult to vape, consider switching to high VG-liquid to avoid discomfort.


Vaping is generally considered to be environment-friendly. Unlike other smoking substances such as cigarettes or pipe tobacco, vaping does not burn substances. The process is completely different from that of a usual tobacco smoking. However, recent studies have noted that a smaller release of toxic substances during vaping is also present.

Secondhand Exposure

Recent studies have shown that toxic substances released during vaping can be dangerous for secondhand exposure. It is especially important in the case of children and pregnant women. Most importantly, the effects of vaping on lungs are evidently harmful. But, does vaping cause cancer? Scientists are not yet ready to say.


Like any other habit, vaping is addictive. Nicotine consumption is addictive. Therefore, it is a general concern to inform about the addictive nature of vaping. Nevertheless, it is far from being the most destructive habit there is. Nonetheless, vaping is healthier than regular smoking.


Vaping research is a relatively new field of study. It will take some time to get the results of the recent studies. Vaping definitely affects your health. It is not yet evident in which certain ways or how. Thus, one should be cautious about vaping and health. Vaping liquids are diverse and different.

And so are the people who consume them. To summarize and calculate an average effect would take some time. And recent data disallows to make confident conclusions. The popularity of vaping will definitely cause more interest in the research. We’re going to know more about vaping in the years to come.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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