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With more and more box mods being released each year, following every one of them can be a tough challenge. So, what makes Wismec Reuleaux RX200 any different?

What makes Reuleaux RX200 stand tall among its competitors? Join us as we cover all this and more in today’s article. Let’s get started!

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What’s In The Box?

The Wismec RX200 comes stuffed with a pretty standard package, outside of one glaring omission.

The RX200 mod doesn’t include an accompanying tank, which is bizarre but nothing that can’t be solved manually. Here’s what you can expect inside the box: 

  • The device itself
  • A USB charging cable (also used to update the firmware)
  • Warranty Check
  • Manual

Overview of the Wismec RX200

At glance, the RX200 box mod looks like a generic triple-18650 battery gadget that seemingly has nothing special about it but once you take it in your hands, the story becomes clear.

The device is very firmly built and employs pretty solid materials. You won’t think about it being cheap or fragile, this is a very well crafted device. The design was created by JayBo for RX200 specifically. 

Being a triple-18650 battery setup, the gadget remains pretty comfortable to hold since the batteries occupy the back part of the device. This position and arrangement form a poly-angular shape, which some of you might like and some of you won’t.

Wismec Reuleaux RX200 size

For our money, it is a pretty clever solution that helps the device feel smaller (it is 3,3 inches tall after all) but still comfortable to use. The top of the device uses an uncentered gold-plated 510 connection, making it more versatile as the average level of compatibility with atomizers increases.  

The front part of the device is occupied by a bright and easy-to-read OLED display. The visibility is pretty good even in direct sunlight conditions but we wish you could adjust the brightness settings.

Near the top of the display, you also have the firing button, whereas the two adjustment buttons are located at the bottom half. The USB upgrade/charge port is located at the bottom of the screen as well.

Overall, we have zero complaints about the look and use of the device, which leads us to the performance part. 

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Using The RX200 Mod

One of the key things about the Reuleaux RX200 is the fact that it supports the variable wattage and temperature control. This alone makes the device an attractive sell but there’s more as you can flash a Reuleaux RX200 update to gain even more functions.

Wismec Reuleaux RX200 chip

After the upgrade, we were able to raise the boards operating capacity to 250W (from the stock 200W) and enable TCR coefficient resistance vaping

To fire up the device, all you have to do is hit the central button. The button itself is also more responsive and even has a clicky sound which makes it easier to distinguish if it’s working or not.

You also get a bunch of information on the screen as soon as you power-up the device.  Returning to the firmware, it has a bunch of cool but smaller features that we feel you should take a look at. 

  • Stealth Mode. This feature will turn off the light (not the screen) after you’ve pressed and held the fire and down buttons for 2 seconds. 

  • Resistance Lock. To activate this function, all you have to do is press and hold the fire and up buttons for a couple of seconds but do keep in mind, the coil should not be in use. 

  • Screen Rotations. Just like your smartphone can rotate the screen, the Reuleaux RX200 can do that as well. Just press up and down at the same time till it flips. 

  • Screen Lock. You can lock your screen to avoid any accidental presses. To do so, just press down and up at the same time and hold till the screen indicates that it’s locked. 

Vape Quality & Batter Performance

Regardless of what vape device you use, it is the quality of vape that matters the most. And thankfully, the RX200 delivers. The quality of the vape is phenomenal, you get thick, flavor-rich clouds that can rival even the most expensive devices.

Wismec Reuleaux RX200 battery

The device doesn’t get hot either, after using it for more than 15 minutes, it felt warm but in a good way. The taste also doesn’t deteriorate in quality over extended usages, there were no signs of burnt e liquid or anything either. 

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As for battery life, the device lasted us for a couple of short sessions but we did manage to get through the day. The other thing we’d like to note that you can charge the batteries using the USB port but it’s best that you do this separately. 

Final Remarks

And this concludes our Wismec Reuleaux RX200 review. There is a lot to love about the device and you should give it a try. The upgradeable firmware makes the system future-proof and the triple-18650 battery set up means that it will last you longer.

The price isn’t biting and the build quality is simply outstanding. Overall, we recommend the RX200 to anyone who is looking for a feature-rich box mod. 

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  1. rx200 review in 2019 ??? do a review on the rx200s still my favorite mod to date ,,,a online vape company I like to order from occasionally had 2 red and black left so I bought them both and there next to impossible to find more.