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Meet the last VapeOnly newcomer that can dramatically change your idea of electronic pipes! By the way, it’s the latest product VapeOnly issued this year.

We don’t know what other models they have on the agenda, but hopefully, they will live up to our expectations as well, as it was with vPipe III. 

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The average specs of this pipe are typical for its class. It’s elegant, made of natural wood, and is perfect for those who treasure conventional pipe smoking.

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They even have a quote from Einstein, a person who loved smoking pipes, on their website.

Generally, the pipe has nothing to strike you down at first glance. It feeds on a single 18350 battery (they put two of them in the starter kit, plus a charger, which comes in handy when you want to keep a device running all day long) and is designed strictly for MTL vaping.

The tank capacity is 2 mL, which is quite standard for the pipes of this kind. The mouth-to-lung vaping style is supported by the 1.0-ohm coil (you have two in the box).  

The design is beautiful, as the whole thing is made from an entire piece of wood, with brass elements plated with gold. Visually it sends you to the high-class society where every daily routine object is a piece of art.

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vPipe III Starter Kit

VapeOnly pampers their clients with presentation and design of package boxes, which look like Christmas presents. The large box seduces with its reserved excellent design, so you want to touch it, keep in hands and open to see what’s next.

Inside, besides the pipe itself, you get a lot of handy stuff, including two 18350 batteries, a charger, two 1.0 ohm coils, a cable and a stand for the pipe. 

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Testing vPipe III

We will brief you on how to start an e-pipe quick. First, make sure the batteries are charged and put one into the bowl of a pipe (positive up). Unscrew the tank after removing the pipe stem.

Detach the coil and fill e-liquid into the container. After, attach the pipe stem to the tank and the tank to the battery bowl. As the pipe is assembled, mind, it is draw-activated. So you have to make an inhale to set it on.

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As every draw the LED light on the battery bowl glows, signaling you, it’s activated.

Tech Specs

The key technical features are as follows: the pipe works at 1300 mAh. It’s voltage ranges from 3.3 to 4.2V and wattages averages from 7 to 17 watts. As we’ve mentioned already, it’s a mouth-to-lung device. 

VapeOnly vPipe 3 3

The difference between this pipe and previous models lies in the size of the battery. It’s comparatively tiny (at least it’s twice smaller compared to standard 18650 cells), but quite strong with a capacity of 1300 mAh. 


The best part of describing an e-pipe is always its build quality and design. 

To start with, we shall say that the pipe is quite lightweight and sits comfortably in hand. It is cut off a solid block of rosewood which was varnished and polished to mimic the appearance of real high-class smoking pipes.

The upper part of the bowl is decorated with the gold-plated brass ring, covered with an ornate pattern. The similar ornate ring sits at the joint between the battery cup and stem.

The plastic stem in black completely encompasses the glass tank, so there are no transparent parts in this version.

The mouthpiece is very comfortable with drawing smooth but strong puffs. As you are puffing, the bowl glows red, giving the pipe an even more authentic look.

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Longevity and Battery Life

One full charge of a battery is enough for a day of vaping. Mainly, it lasts for 7-8 hours. So, if you are a moderate vaper, one charge is enough to keep you vaping for two or three days (on the condition that you use the pipe 2-3 hours a day).

Performance and Operation

Assembling and disassembling the pipe doesn’t give you any much of the hustle. You can get all the parts apart very quickly. It utilizes standard threading and is quite easy to screw and unscrew any connection. 

You need a draw to make the e-pipe running and another five puffs to get a decent amount of vapor.

The vapor quality is, and the flavor quality is excellent. We can rate the flavor five stars; given the fact, you use the quality type of e-liquids.

VapeOnly vPipe 3 packing list

In general, you can’t get the vapor amount to make a cloud chaser happy, which is quite usual for e-pipes. But again, we buy pipes for more aesthetic vaping experience, rather them pure consumption of vapor. 

Pros and Cons

The design clearly belongs to the pros of the pipe. The rosewood and gilded elements look noble and elegant at the same time. 

Another perk is spare parts and a battery charger, which makes a vaper independent from ordering spare parts. So you have two batteries, and two coils, quite enough for long vaping life.

Also, you have an excellent stand for secure storage or putting the pipe aside for a moment during a vaping session.

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As for the flaws, the flavor production may be better. We would be happy to see more vapor at less work, so that is an improvement we hope will be taken into consideration in the future.

Summing Up…

Despite some slight flaws like vapor amount, vPipe III leaves a positive impression. It sits well in hand and gives you a good feel using it. The draw activated design and LED light mimics the feel of a standard pipe, and spare parts set you free from hustling through web-stores for an extra battery or a coil.

Yet, the most important perk is the excellent design, which makes this piece a great idea for a gift on any occasion. The overall impression is quite positive, so we would recommend it to anyone seeking a substitution to the conventional pipe smoking.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this review! Not the most critical it seems, I was beginning to suspect you’d just sing its praises, until later in the review, but objective nonetheless.