ePuffer e-pipe 629 X Kit Review

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ePuffer has long been famous for its superior vapes, and when they started with pipes, they were doomed to succeed.

Their E-Pipe 629 got very popular, but the company issued a new updated version to sustain the growing number of vape fans. 

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The new e-pipe from ePuffer has been improved to produce more intense flavor, more vapor, and a lot of customization options. It offers the vape of the highest quality on an everyday basis and looks good. 

ePuffer e-pipe 629 X size

Starter Kit

The pipe comes in an elegant mahogany wood finish MDF box, which makes it an excellent piece to be a present box and is a great place to keep spare parts. So, the starter kit includes: 

  • e-pipe 629 X
  • 2 rechargeable IMR 1100 mAh lithium batteries
  • 2 liquamizers (TPD Ready 2 mL), silver and gold
  • 2 bowl caps in silver and gold design. With Clear Zirconia Crystal
  • 5 sub-ohm atomizers
  • 1 battery chargers (Nitecore New i2, 110/240 V)
  • Instruction manual
  • Wooden box

ePuffer e-pipe 629 X image

Build and Design

The E-Pipe 629 X has a graceful cherrywood bowl, a glass tank with top-fill design and a detachable stem. The top refill design on liquamizer makes it exceptionally comfortable to fill the pipe. There are two liquamizers available in a starter kit.

The tanks, containing up to 2 mL e-liquid each are made of tempered quartz glass that can resist temperatures of up to 2200o F. All the spare parts have 510 threading which is excellent for changing spare parts. 

The makers have also paid much attention to the design of the pipe and did their best to fit the changing tastes of the future e-pipe owner. Thus, they included two trim versions into the box, the golden and the silver one. 

ePuffer e-pipe 629 X tank structure

A vaper is free to match the pipe’s trims to clothing accessories like cuff-links or watches, which always makes the vape a trendy accessory. It is also great to combine the e-liquid color with the colors of the pipe rings. In general, there are a lot of variants for customization and fantasy. 

The Flavor and Vapor Quality

The specification of the vape pipe makes it impossible to create vast plumes of vapor, the cloud chasers love that much. But still, at ePuffer, they tried to do their best to improve the vapor production in this new model.

In the latest edition, they included a micro sub-ohm atomizer which has a lower resistance than those in earlier models. 

This level of production will be perfect for a seasoned vaper who loves the combination of great taste and feel. 

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Tech Specs 

This e-pipe is entirely draw-operated for mimicking the experience of the conventional smoking pipe. Thanks to the high battery capacity, a vaper can enjoy long and flavorful vaping sessions. 

Battery capacity: 1100 mAh
Resistance: 1.0 ohm – 0.1 ohm
Tank capacity: 2 ml
Temperature: 2200o F

ePuffer e-pipe 629 X on a stand

Special Features

There are the special features which make this e-pipe stand out from the row: 

  • The liquamizer (clearomizer) tank technology has been replaced with the micro sub-ohm coils with a resistance of 1.0 – 0.1 ohm to create better cloud production experience. 
  • It has a protected, direct airflow system that mimics the experience of a traditional pipe. 
  • The LED Zirconia Crystal caps with silver, and golden trims give great designing possibilities and add the pipe more elegant look. 

Additional Accessories

Besides all the stuff included in the starter kit, there are a couple of things you can get additionally. First, you can buy a spare black zirconia crystal instead of the two pre-included white ones.

Second, there is a great accessory, a wooden stand, which serves to put a pipe comfortably aside during a session or for storage. 


Since the pipe is relatively new, it’s the offspring of 2019, the customer reviews are scarce. Yet, those who have already appeared on different websites range from 4.5 to 5, which is a great indicator. 

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The new e-pipe from ePuffer is sleek, elegant, and loved by the customers. It offers a handful of spare parts, improved vapor quality, and variable design options.

It has received great reviews from various customers and was issued in a limited series, which makes it an excellent choice for a present. 


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