Vaping CBD Oil 101

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What questions come first to your mind when thinking about vaping CBD oils? We’d bet you’ll find the following ones among them: 

  • Can I vape CBD oil?
  • Is it healthy? 
  • Can CBD vape oil get you high?
  • Can you overdose? 

We’ll cover these and other questions in the following review.

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Vaping CBD Oils Precautions

With CBD oils, vaping is the preferred way of consumption, that beats edibles and other materials.

Yet, it is essential to know what of the oils are suitable for vaping and which are note. Another critical thing to remember is if you can use the oils with the prescribed medicals, in case you take any. 

What does CBD mean? 

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a type of natural cannabinoid one can find in plants like hemp or marijuana. Different strains of plants have different cannabidiol content that makes an impact on their abilities. 

Like other products containing cannabidiol, the CBD vape oil benefits include the relief of symptoms like anxiety and depression. Other CBD vape oil effects include curbing pain and epileptic seizures or curing inflammations. 

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CBD Oils You Can Vape

Unfortunately, there is often some misunderstanding about the question, “Can you vape CBD oil?” 

The classic CBD oil is not suitable for vaping, and it is used as an oral tincture. As it has some contents of coconut oil, it can be harmful to inhale, and can even pose some severe conditions, like pneumonia.

Yet, these products often do not have proper labeling warning against their use for vaping. Thanks to the shape of bottles, they get often confused for CBD vape juices, and so, one should take special attention when making a purchase. 

Generally, the two groups of products suitable for vaping are CBD vape juices and CBD cartridges. 

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CBD vape juices do not contain oil. Despite that, they are often called CBD vape oils, and that makes a reason for confusion. They consist of food-grade materials and can be used orally. Yet, they are made for vaping.

The contents show ingredients like PG, VG, and CBD extracts in different ratios. If the contents label indicates any other components, this oil is most likely not suitable for vaping. If the product is made for vaping, it should include words like vaping, e-juice, e-liquid, vape juice, etc. 

CBD cartridges are mostly disposable tanks filled with CBD-e-juice. They are very convenient in a way; they can be easily connected to an atomizer with a standard 510 threading.

Since they are incredibly easy to use, they are most often recommended for the starters. The most popular ones are those produced by Juul, known as pods. 

How to use CBD oil in a vape pen?

Vape pens are one of the most convenient and portable devices designed right for vaping on the go. No, wonder, vape pens for CBD vape oils (that is juices) are quite popular.

Mostly, these are the pens (both, disposable and refillable) designed for e-liquids with thick viscosity, since CBD oils contain about 70% of VG. In case you want to vape CBD with a vape pen, it’s better to make sure; it is specialized. 

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Vaping CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is not appropriate for vaping itself. It’s a substance you can use for preparing a DIY-CBD vape juice. For that, you simply need other ingredients like vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and flavorings.

By adding some CBD isolate, you may prepare a vape juice yourself, yet, it is not recommended for inexperienced vapers. 

The Dosage

“How much CBD should I vape?” or “What is the best CBD dosage?” are the most frequently asked questions. It’s not so easy to answer them either. 

The thing is that the CBD dosage depends on many factors, like the severity of symptoms you want to relieve, body weight, and the type of metabolism. 

Since establishing the best dose to be taken daily is difficult, it is recommended to start with 1-2 mg and increase the dosage by 5 mg per intake every couple of hours. 

The good news is that it is possible to count how much CBD you get after every intake. A typical vape cartridge having 100 mg of CBD outputs 1-2 mg CBD per puff. So, for the first time, it is enough to take one or two puffs and simply increase the number of puffs with every new session. 

How much CBD to vape? The average user needs 10-30 mg per day. In case of conditions like severe pain and inflammation, a patient needs 200-1000 mg per day. After reaching a desirable positive effect, it is recommended to stop at that dosage. 

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Another popular question: Is vaping CBD safe?

CBD Overdose

Generally, cannabis is recognized as a safe medication with no documented cases of fatal or harmful overdose. According to the research provided by Clearsynth Labs Pvt. Ltd, CBD is low in toxicity.

The study shows that a human organism should receive more than 6000 mg per day (or more than 212 mg per kg of the human body) to induce severe side effects. 

It is highly improbable to take a lethal dose of CBD with the average vaping habits. 

Side Effects of CBD Intake

The most common side effect of the CBD intake is drowsiness, which is often to occur among starters. It may be caused by taking high doses of CBD while being unaccustomed to its use. 

Other mild side effects include the pronounced feeling of hunger, euphoria, or red eyes. 

Although, we have to admit the absence of comprehensive studies on the side effects of CBD intake. 

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Getting High? 

How does CBD vape make you feel? Besides relieving anxiety and pains, CBD doesn’t give any other feelings, like getting high. That is because of the low contents of THC, which is only 0.3%. 

Also, for vapers concerned with failing a drug test, there are some THC-free CBD options. 

The only exception is when CBD is prepared from THC-containing marijuana, not industrial hemp. CBD can help you moderate the “high”- effect of THC, as it prevents your organism from the complete absorption of THC. 

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Summing up…

Vaping CBD oil is the most convenient way to take it, and so it’s the most popular one. Numerous health benefits allow millions of users to curb severe states of anxiety and stress, as well as pain and inflammations. With the proper use and right devices, CBD vape will bring use and pleasure. 


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