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Smoking shortens the average life duration by 13.2 years according to statistics, but smokers make about 19% of the world’s adult population, and the total number of cigarettes consumed yearly is 267 billion.

Yet, 68% of smokers report they want to quit. And there are plenty of ways to do that, including the stop smoking hypnosis.

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Have you ever considered hypnosis to quit smoking? It might have sense since hypnotherapy is quite an old method winning advocates among famous people.

Mozart was fond of hypnosis, and Adele bets that quit smoking hypnosis is impressive. 

Does hypnotism work to quit smoking?

Doctors say the most effective way to stop smoking is to employ different methods since this habit penetrates different levels of our lives. Things like pills and patches help curb nicotine cravings, fueling an organism with small doses of the drug.

But what can cease craving to light a cigarette during a coffee break or how to work with the subconscious habits? 

There are different ways of working with human psychology, and smoking cessation hypnosis or hypnotherapy is one of them. 

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What Is Hypnotherapy?

The stop smoking hypnosis is a method that requires a patient to be in a state of altered consciousness, as if almost asleep. Then a patient gets subliminal messages from the therapist, like “you don’t want to smoke.” 

Studies prove that messages received in a state of hypnosis address the part of the brain responsible for automatic reactions and innate behavioral tendencies, that is they speak to our sub-consciousness.

The goal of the quit smoking hypnotherapy is to impact those reactions by modulating our habits since all the triggers and pleasures from smoking are rooted in our subconscious.   

It is hard to promise success from the very first session. The aim is to eliminate cravings and make smoking sessions rare. Together with nicotine replacement therapy or other medication, it would give a compound effect of physical and psychological relief.  

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Note: because our minds work in different ways, there is no warranty that the quit smoking hypnosis will prove useful in every individual case. For example, Adele, a world-famous singer, was a heavy smoker before she tried the stop smoking hypnosis. She said the therapy helped her to kick the habit immediately. Other celebs like Drew Barrymore, required more sessions to feel the positive effects. 

How does hypnosis work to quit smoking?

Nicotine addiction is rooted deep in mind, in the part that is responsible for automatic reactions, like closing your eyes at bright light. The triggers like stress, drinking coffee, or alcohol set off subconscious reactions that make us reach for a cigarette. 

Since we don’t process this behavior consciously like thinking: “Now it’s mealtime. I will take a cig after my steak”, the methods to influence these cravings should target the place of their origin, that is our subconscious.  

The therapist tries to unearth unhealthy thoughts about smoking and replace them with healthier ones. The whole process can be described as moving from the point “I can’t live without smoking” to the point “Smoking will make me die.”

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Under hypnosis, the person should perceive the key points necessary for quitting like: 

  • Nicotine is a poison. 
  • It poisons the body. 
  • A body is needed to live. 
  • Nicotine will make me die.

At the beginning of hypnotherapy, a person is not averse to smoking, but in the end, they build negative reactions. The further job of a therapist is to associate these thoughts with everything related to smoking, like accessories, pictures, or people who smoke.

A reprogrammed brain works against a habit instead of supporting it. 

Admitting that hypnosis to quit smoking success rate reaches 66%, according to Health Vigil, a person usually needs several sessions to feel a positive effect. With every new course, the suggestions get stronger and penetrate the mind deeper.

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Using hypnosis for quitting smoking doesn’t have side effects since pure hypnotherapy requires no medicals that can be harmful.

The success rate of 66% percent is quite high compared to the 25% success rate of nicotine replacement therapy, or the same 25% attributed to the non-nicotine medication.  


Even supposing hypnotherapy is not taken entirely seriously today, hypnosis for quitting smoking may prove a successful and painless method.

It is quite popular among celebrities and has a high scientifically proven success rate. No side effects make it look beneficial compared to medications and nicotine replacement. With all of that, the reasons to try it are inviting.


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