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Vaping dry herbs is a trick for professionals, who’ve gone through the long way of e-liquids experiments. Or it was because the Vapium Lite team has made this sophisticated art available to starters of all sorts. 

That’s all is possible thanks to the Vapium Lite dry herb vaporizer, a simple, but smart device, designed to please the straightforward needs of newbies. 

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Vapium Lite apart

This model solves all the worn-out issues a starter, or even an experienced vaper may have: 

  • It’s portable. Vaping dry herbs is cool but takes space. A shift from a tiny pod to an awkward box, like some cannabis vaporizers may be painful to a newbie. With Vapium Lite, it’s not an issue. 
  • Large herb capacity. No one fancies refilling tanks every few minutes. So Vapium Lite has a huge tank, that is not an often occurrence among portable vaporizers. 
  • Fast recharge. The unpleasant side of this glorious vape is a fast battery worn-out. But is it partially compensated by a short recharging time.
  • Nice price. Vapium makes their product not just easy to use, but affordable for starters. 

What’s in the box? 

As you receive it, you get a carton, inside a carton, you get a beautiful box, and inside that box, you get:

  1. Lite vaporizer
  2. Cleaning brush for easy maintenance
  3. Glass adapter and a mouthpiece
  4. USB cable
  5.  A clean air intake drawer

What you don’t get is your favorite flowers, but you can cook them yourself! Most weed vaporizers today are not supported with materials, although getting a small pack of herbs as a present would be a huge plus!

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Vapium Lite pink

Specs and features

  • Size: 10 cm x 2.2 cm x 3.6 cm
  • Wright: 88 grams
  • Battery: lithium-ion rechargeable 
  • Material: anodized aluminum
  • Tank capacity: 0.33 grams
  • Material: ground leaf
  • Time of charge: 60 min
  • Sessions: 12 sessions

Vapor Production and Quality

We know, most of the users will be interested in this info most, so here’s what we’ve learned so far. The vapor is decent for a vaporizer of the starter class, but at higher settings, it gets too hot. That is the reason why they included a handy glass adapter into the starter kit. 

A glass adapter is a great add on, as it helps to cool down the hot vapor at high. It’s worth mentioning not all portable convection vaporizers have a feature like this. Although, it’s a bit awkward to use, and requires a bit of practice. 

Vapium Lite purple

Still, to avoid unnecessary hustle with add-ons and hot hits, we recommend using the Vapium Lite at low and medium temp settings. 

Battery performance

Unfortunately, the battery is a weak point in this story. It has a capacity of 1100 mAh which works excellent with another type of devices, but with a dry herb vape like Lite, it suffices to provide from four to six sessions. 

However, it has a positive side too. The charging time is only about 60 minutes. This doesn’t make up entirely for the poor battery life but is a significant pro. 

Build and design

In design, Lite is not that elegant, rather practical. Its ergonomic size lets it fit any pocket, and the rounded edges make it easy to keep in hand, which is excellent for a portable handheld vaporizer.

Vapium Lite

The big buttons speak more of the user experience ambition than of design. So do the LED lights, indicating temp settings. 

Overall design impression: simple, practical, standard. 

The aluminum build caters to durability, and the engineering quality makes the filling, using, and cleaning more a leisure activity than a challenge. 


Lite is intuitive. It has a wide opening for stray herbs, supporting the easy load, a raised rim around the heating chamber that prevents spills and a unique tool to pack herbs.

And a heating chamber rooms up to 33 grams of material. An additional pro is a handy cleaning brush which we recommend to use often to ensure the best quality of flavor, like with many marijuana vaporizers. 

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User manual in short

Although you may benefit from a detailed instruction in the user manual and on the site, here are a couple of the simplest steps to start vaping right ahead: 

  1. Unearth the herb chamber by removing the mouthpiece. 
  2. Pack your favorite herbs. 
  3. Press the power button and hold it for three seconds to turn the vape on.
  4. Select the preferred temperature. 
  5. As the chamber is hot enough (in about 30 s) you’ll fill a light vibration signaling you may start. 
  6. Make a draw, and have a great time!


Lite is light. This refers to its weight, ease of use, and effect on your pocket. It doesn’t take the pain to assemble and pack it, neither it requires any rocket science to handle temperature settings.

A considerable drawback is the short battery life, and another con for some trendy users is simple, practical design. However, we think that at this cost that is a small price to pay for a decent vaping experience, you can’t usually expect from a vaporizer of a starter class. 


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