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Quick 18 facts about ePuffer 629 R2 E-pipe

Only for busy readers. Here are the 18 most important facts about the e-pipe from ePuffer to brief you through. For more information, go to our full description below.

1. It’s limited.
2. It has a gift box.
3. Automatic fire up.
4. Two 1100 mAh lithium batteries.
5. One spare tank.
6. One extra mouthpiece stem.
7. Euro-adapter on the charger.
8. Three-hour charge rate.
9. No firing button.
10. LED lights.
11. Five coils.
12. Five mL tank capacity.
13. 510 threading.
14. Two airflow holes.
15. Easy to use.
16. Zirconia crystal cap.
17. Mahogany wood.
18. Direct airflow system.  

First Impressions

The product was excellent and bought our affection from the first glance. It’s wooden, beautifully designed and has a lot of spare parts shipped in the starter kit.

The first thought was a kit could be a great gift idea. The e-pipe itself looks super realistic and stylish. So if someone is not a pipe enthusiast yet, he or she will undoubtedly become one.  

What’s in the Box?

The kit comes in a great wooden box, perfect for transportation and storage. Inside you get one solid wood e-pipe, two batteries, one additional tank, one spare mouthpiece, five coils, one charger, one user manual.

ePuffer 629 R2 box

Batteries and Vaping Life

The rechargeable lithium high-drain batteries are the real benefit of this piece. First, there are two of them. Secondly, the battery capacity is 1100 mAh, which stands for extended vaping sessions.

As one of them goes dead, it’s easy to switch and recharge. The battery compartment sits in the bowl of the pipe, and all you have to do to change a battery is to unscrew the cap and put a new cell inside.

ePuffer 629 R2 battery

Charging is also simple. The charger is adapted both to American and European electric grids, and additionally, it has a USB-port. It also has a UK mains adapter as well.

The battery voltage is 3.7 Volt.


If we were to describe the piece in one word, it would be “royal.” From the gorgeous wooden gift box with a gilded ePuffer logo and model specifications printed on the lid of the box to the pipe itself, the whole concept screams elegance.

The pipe bowl is made from a single block of mahogany wood. The glass tank has gilded brass parts that remind of the times where pipes were treasured like jewels.

Speaking of the devil, this pipe also has a “jewel” which is a battery cup top, made from a piece of zirconia glass. It is easy to unscrew to change batteries. The black mouthpiece completes the gorgeous look.  

The LED lamp lights the zirconia cap as you make the draw. By the way, the pipe is draw-operated, so it has no firing button. Nevertheless, it works with no flaws, unlike other button-free devices.

The materials used to create this beautiful piece of vape art were solid wood, zirconia glass, metal, and plastic.


The airflow system is direct, with the two airflow holes on the bottom of the pipe for a strong draw, which also stands for a better inhale experience as compared to the previous versions.


The ePuffer 629 R2 e-pipe is very easy to use. All you have to do is assemble, fill the e-liquid, and make the draw. It fires automatically and what is unique about it is that it operates without flaws.


It comes with five high-quality coils in the resistance range of 1-1.1 ohm, so it is not for a sub-ohm vaping. Nevertheless, it delivers rich flavor and great taste.


The glass tank with gilded brass parts isn’t just a functional part, but also an important design element. The tank has a standard 510 threading making it possible to experiment with other tanks if needed.

The organic one is just great for the long vaping session as it houses up to 5 mL e-liquid. Makers also recommend using particular e-liquids for e-pipes to achieve the best taste of flavor possible.

Overall Experience

The quality of vapor and flavor was excellent to please even the most experienced vaper. To cut it short, you get heavenly experience to almost all senses: taste, smell, look and touch.

The battery life is just enough to enjoy extended vaping sessions. The throat hit is excellent as well. So was the antique look with the LED zirconia crystal which added a hint of modernity.

Reviewers said…

Naturally, it was exciting to check what reviewers were thinking about the novelty. First, it seemed logical to see the reviews from former pipe smokers, because they are the most likely to receive ePuffer 629 R2 e-pipe as a substitution of a more harmful way of nicotine intake.

And their experience was positive, with some slight drawbacks compared to traditional pipe:

“It’s larger, than a standard pipe and a bit heavier. Also, it draws like a pipe which is overloaded”.

Also, regular smokers don’t fancy vaping e-pipe with a “bubble-gum” flavored e-liquid and prefer natural tobacco and mint smell.

E-cig smokers find this e-pipe even more attractive.

“The draw is quiet and smooth. Compared to e-cig, it’s a different experience.”


The pipe is portable, but it loses compared to pens and pods, designed for discreet use.

It is created for a relaxing vaping evening after a hard working day, not for parting or travel adventures.

Summing Up

We liked ePuffer 629 R2 e-pipe for its look, build, and quality of vapor. The battery life and user experience were overall excellent.

We find this vape a perfect present to former pipe smokers or dedicated vapers seeking to discover new dimensions.

We would recommend it to every vape fan or a heavy smoker seeking an effective way to quit.  



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