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Atmos Junior Vaporizer box

The Atmos Junior is a vape pen with an overall rating of 89% that comes at a price of $54. It is a sleek vapor pen that can vaporize a number of materials, namely wax concentrates, oil concentrates, and dry herb. The Atmos Jr is developed to work primarily with concentrates, and its performance is excellent taking into account the price tag of the product.

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Atmos Junior Vaporizer colorsQuick Review of Atmos Junior

Your time is your most precious asset, and we appreciate that a lot. Without further due, here is a quick overview of the Atmos Junior Vaporizer and a recap.
– Price: 83%
– General rating: 89%
– Size and portableness: 93%
– Build quality and durability: 87%
– Quality of dry herb vapor: 77%
– Quality of wax and oil vapor: 88%

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The Atmos Jr vape pen is a multi-feature durable device that comes at an affordable price. Even though it is not the best choice when it comes to vaping dry herb, this vaporizer still performs well enough.

Atmos Junior Vaporizer partsDesign of Atmos Junior

The Atmos Junior vaporizer is the ancestor of the Atmos Raw Vaporizer. The latter was already small and compact, but the Junior takes the notion of compactness to the next level, making the new device a couple of inches smaller. As for the width of the vape pen, it is approximately the same as in the Raw series. For sure, there is no need for a thinner device, as it would not be as convenient to hold as this ergonomic vape pen.

The Atmos Junior vaporizer resembles a little flashlight. It can fit into your pocket effortlessly and make you forget it’s there until the next time you need it. Despite the fact that this device is sleek and tiny, it is very durable and while holding or carrying it around you don’t need to worry that you can break it.

Atmos Junior Vaporizer atomizerWhen comparing the design of the Atmos Junior to the Raw, the first difference that attracts attention is the ceramic heating chamber of the new model. We will provide more details about it a bit further along the text.

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Operation of the Atmos Junior

The Atmos Junior vape pen works with dry herb and concentrates. To use the vaporizer with wax, you need to dab the material into the ceramic heating chamber of the device. You might notice that the chamber of the vaporizer is not very deep, but its depth is for sure enough.

The high-performing chamber burns up all the material you put in it without any sticky residue left. In case you hate to have to clean your vaporizer too often, this feature of the Atmos Jr will be a pleasant bonus for you.

In case you want to try to use this vaporizer with dry herb, you will have to put a tiny mesh screen in the chamber first. It will take up some space, and you will be able to put less dry herb into the chamber, but this action is truly necessary.
To switch on the vape, you need to hit the power button. It lights up when the vaporizer is used.

When the device is switched on, you need to hold the power button down nearly five seconds. During this time, the coils will heat up, and the pen will be able to provide enough vapor for a good draw. In case the amount of vapor you get with your first draw is insufficient, you need to hold the power button down several seconds more, and then take another draw.

This time, the amount of vapor you get should be sufficient. Usually, you may experience the insufficient amount of vapor when using the dry herb, as this material takes longer to heat up and vaporize than concentrates.

Atmos Junior Performance

The Atmos Raw has a bit better battery than Junior model does. The device is smaller than its predecessor, and so is the battery. Therefore, one has to charge the vape pen quite often. Upon purchase, you will need to charge the battery for eight hours. Consequently, the charging process will not take more than two hours.

The Atmos Jr works best with wax and oil concentrates, as it vaporizes the material entirely without any residue left. However, we do not recommend you to use it with dry herb.

The security of the device is flawless, so you should not worry that any of the material can make a mess of your clothes while leaking. Unlike many vaporizers that leak when you carry them around in your pocket all the time, the Atmos Jr vape pen remains clean and leakproof.

Another benefit of this vaporizer that deserves to be mentioned is its heating speed. You get decent vapor draw within several seconds, which makes the device perfect for situations when you want to take several quick draws on the go.

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The major drawback of Atmos Junior is that it does not perform best with dry herb. If the dry herb is your primary material, we recommend you to choose some other device. However, if you vape wax, this vaporizer could be your best choice. Having purchased it, you will have a durable vape pen that performs well and lasts long.


– Speedy heating
– Great performance with wax
– Leak-proof, easy to clean
– The kit contains everything you need for vaping excluding the material
– No overheating


– Does not vaporize dry herb well
– Average battery life

All in all, this vaporizer is a great affordable choice for vaping wax and oil concentrates. The Atmos Junior is a high-quality vaporizer that will deliver you a pleasant vaping experience.


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