Flying With a Vape Pen. What are the Rules Here?

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There are very few restrictions in regards to vaping in everyday life, but what about air travel? Can you vape on a plane? Can you even bring a vape on a plane? If you fly a lot, you might have thought about this too.

Naturally, security in the airports is everything, so there are a few things you need to know prior to bringing vaping devices and e cigs on planes. In this post, we’ll talk about the rules, legal regulations, and some general things you should know when it comes to traveling with vapes.

Can you take a vape on a plane?

Vaping devices and e-cigs have been around for quite some time, but it is still unclear what category they fall into. That is why many countries in the world have not yet adopted any specific laws and regulations as to carrying these products on planes and using them in general. However, the progress is being made at the moment, and some regions do have certain restrictions.

Namely, since 2016, the US places all e-cigs in the same group as tobacco products and they are regulated by the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). The answer to “can I bring cigarettes on a plane” is pretty straightforward: you might bring them by you can’t smoke them.

Stop Smoking

If you’re wondering “can I bring a vape on a plane”, the short answer is also yes, but you should always check the rules and regulations in each region. Since vaporizers and e-cigs are considered cigarette-like substances, their use is typically forbidden indoors.

Not only the US Food and Drugs Administration but also the World Health Organization do not recommend indoor use or e-cigs. However, the regulations across the world vary. So if you consider flying internationally with a vape pen, make sure you know the rules so that you don’t get in trouble.

Some countries impose certain restrictions on vaping. For example, UK airport Heathrow prohibits vaping inside terminal buildings; however, you can vape outside the terminals in designated areas. Similarly, Frankfurt airport in Germany allows vaping in designated rooms for smoking as well.

Interestingly, Germany does not impose an age restriction for vaping. On the contrary, Argentina, Singapore, and Hong Kong ban vaping indoors whatsoever.

Using e-cigs in the airport within the US

Some US airports are vaping-friendly. Namely, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport allows vaping in designated areas. Laguardia Airport and John F Kennedy International Airport in New York allow vaping in some terminals, which is kind of a fun fact because this contradicts the Clean Indoor Air Act of New York State. According to the latter, vaping is not allowed indoors in either public or private workplaces.

Vaping is considered illegal in some major US airports:

– Los Angeles International Airport
– Philadelphia International Airport
– San Francisco International Airport

Are vapes allowed on planes?

Generally, yes. You can take e cig on a plane, but you’re not allowed to use them. Also, you must follow some safety rules and remember that the regulations are imposed not only on vaping but also on e-cig storage, charging and transportation.

Taking E-cigarettes Past Airport Security

Since safety on the plane and in terminals is the responsibility or airport security, they will thoroughly check your luggage before boarding. To avoid trouble while flying with vape pen, make sure that:

– your vaping device is allowed in an airport by Transportation Security Administration (TSA);
– your device is not prohibited from transporting in checked bags by Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). It’s most likely that you’ll have to pack your vaping device inside the carry-on bag;
– when flying with vape cartridges, you don’t pack them in checked bags either;
– your e-liquids are carried in clear plastic bags (or Ziploc bags as the change in air pressure might cause leaking) and they do not exceed the 3.4-ounce allowed eliquid limit;
– your batteries are stored away from anything that could potentially ignite them;
– your devices are switched off;
– you don’t pack your devices too far in your luggage because you’ll have to remove them from vape carrying cases or carry-on vape bags during check-in at the gate.

Once you pass the airport security and get on the plain, do not attempt to charge your e-cigarettes there. This is strictly prohibited due to safety issues. Similarly, when flying with a vape, you are not allowed to use them on the plane for two main reasons.

First is that you all want to land safely. If lithium batteries that power up vaping devices are either defective, damaged, or exposed to high temperatures, they can self-ignite. Second, vaping indoors is just not morally right because not all people next to you are smokers.

TSA Vape Flying Rules: Taking Vape Pen on Plane

Navigating TSA’s rules is not the funniest thing to do, but this is something you need to know if you want to have a quiet and peaceful trip. Essentially, TSA couldn’t care less whether you bring your device on a plane or not as long as it’s not packed in the checked bag.

All of this is due to the safety issues since they want to make sure your batteries are stored in the pressurized cabin to prevent them from going off.

TSA is not actively looking for vaporizers in your personal staff, but it doesn’t mean a security check is a good place for self-expression. It’s recommended to carry your device in a discreet and unassuming safety case without edgy prints and loose supplies.

Also, when choosing a safety case for flying with vape gear, try to pick a smell-proof option for vaping essentials and accessories.

You probably should clean your vape in advance. When flying with oil cartridges, make sure they are empty and clean too. As to your grinder card, you can have it with you provided that you don’t take the 4-piece.

Can you bring a Juul on a plane?

Juul uses alternative vaporizer or tobacco, but since it does not presume any ignition, the question arises whether you can take it with you on a plane. Despite its peculiarities, Juul undergoes similar restrictions.

It is also not allowed on checked luggage and it can’t be used on a plane.

Can You Bring a Weed Vape on a Plane?

One more frequently asked question in regards to flying with a vape is whether you can travel on a plane with weed vape. The answer essentially depends on your route. For example, under US federal law, it is illegal to possess marijuana or any other cannabis-infused products.

TSA is mainly responsible for security, so if they find any suspicious substances in your luggage, they’ll hand it over to the qualified law enforcement agency and let them deal with it.

This is pretty much everything you should know in regards to traveling with vaping devices. Just don’t forget to review airport rules and legal regulations of the country you’re going to visit.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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