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The term nicotine is usually associated with tobacco, or rather cigarettes with tobacco. Nicotine belongs to alkaloid components from the plant called Nicotiana Tabacum. There is just 3% of this component in the tobacco’s aggregate dry weight. It is a huge degree addictive element that makes its utilization even more addictive than Cocaine or Heroin.

We ought to recall that tobacco is not an exceptional way of nicotine poisoning. It may be contained not in a big proportion in various types of nightshade plants like eggplants, tomatoes, potatoes, green peppers, and coca leaves.

It became widely applied in insecticides since the late 17th century but was in the end restricted in the USA in 2008 by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Something else to remember is that the degree of nicotine identified in your blood, pee, salivation or hair is relative, and relies upon numerous variables, for example, the individual’s genetic features, the way you take nicotine, and so on.

Nicotine Test Types

There are 3 main methods of testing the nicotine presence: urine test, blood test, and saliva test (swab). An additional, but rather less regular compose is a hair test, which is mostly applied to figure out the purpose, for example, to gauge how much a non-smoker is met with tobacco smoke or even vapor.

We should discuss these nicotine tests in details:


The level of nicotine which blood can absorb differs from individual to individual and relies upon the nicotine amount in the specific brand of the cigarette and additionally the way an individual usually takes it.

Blood can be tested for nicotine in the qualitative and quantitative way. A specialist may take a blood exemplar and find out the levels or unimportant remnants of nicotine in it. This test is an extremely powerful approach and can distinguish the most modest hints of cotinine in the circulation system.

When testing the blood is the right way? This type of test is generally done when exceptionally exact outcomes are required. There are advantages and disadvantages of this method and they demonstrate when it can be a reasonable alternative:


– The most fastidious method with more accurate detection capability


– Costly and time-consuming

Nicotine Testing Service w/Quantified Analysis and Blood Collection Kit is a perfect nicotine blood test. Its price is $34.75 per kit (up to $25.97 accessible for several kits). In fact, it does not check nicotine, but it distinguishes the cotinine existence in the circulatory system. This is a metabolite produced when your blood is metabolizing nicotine. It remains in your blood longer than nicotine and in fact, prolongs the detection capability of the mentioned test.

There are some facts that we really loved about the Premium Nicotine Tests/Quantified Analysis:

– Provides a handy home blood sample collection kit
– For comprehensive and quantified lab results you need just a few blood drops
– Can also identify passive smoking or even use of Nicotine Replacement Therapies like nicotine gums, quit smoking patch, and so on.

This is a perfect test for work environments, quit smoking programs, academic research, hospitals, and self-testing at home. The New York State laws restrict the offer of such kits to the inhabitants, so if you live here, you won’t have a chance to get them.


A urine sample is generally the most frequently used way for testing nicotine. It is really simple and you can easily make it at home. You should simply purchase an over-the-counter strip, dip it in your pee for no less than 5 min, and read the outcomes. If the nicotine level in your urine is more than 200mg/m, it means the test is positive.

When is Urinalysis the right way? There are main advantages and disadvantages which should be emphasized:


– This test belongs to the most sensitive and financially savvy techniques for distinguishing nicotine and gives fast results.


– The possibility of sample falsification

Top Three Urine Tests for Nicotine

NicAlert – Instant Urine Nicotine and Secondhand Smoke Test. Its price is $15.95 per kit (up to $10.25 accessible for several units). This is the ideal set available on our market to spot nicotine use for the last two days. It is an ideal choice for healthcare experts, school administration, insurance agencies, and scientists. It helps to identify the cotinine presence, offers the immediate visual information, and detects the influence of secondhand smoke. The result is ready in 20 seconds.

TobacAlert – Quantitative Instant Urine Nicotine Test. Its price is $15.95 per kit (up to $10.25 for several units). By estimating the levels of cotinine in the giver’s body, it may give an unmistakable understanding of how much an individual is met with tobacco items and tobacco smoke.

It is handy for parents and employers just to make sure that their kids or workers do not use any tobacco items.

Cotinine Urine Laboratory Test Kit – $50 per kit. This is an expert review pee test that can be easily bought online, but the contributor should go to the closest office for test accumulation. It identifies the presence of nicotine/cotinine even after 2-3 days after its admission, and your results are ready in 1-2 business days.

Even with the fact this might be the most exact urinalysis on the whole list, it does not give the desired comfort testing at home and immediate results.


A saliva test is the most precise and favored way by health experts. It frees you from the issue of handling urine and also can accurately check a rough amount of nicotine an individual has in a body. This test can identify nicotine degree from 0 to 2000 ng/ml. This is absolutely the biggest indicator among these three sorts of the test.

For this test, the saliva needs to be soaked in a strip for 20 minutes. It responds with cotinine component in the strip and uncovers the measure of nicotine by demonstrating a distinctive degree of cotinine in the spit.

When is Saliva Test the right way? You should find out all advantages and disadvantages of this method:


– This testing type is totally non-invasive and the least demanding.


– It has a very restricted detection window. It is suitable just for people who have recently used the nicotine.

Top Three Saliva Nicotine Tests

Cotinine Saliva Laboratory Test – $39.00 per kit. This test is aimed for professional purposes and it gives quantified lab results. The kit permits extremely easy accumulation at your home or work environment. Its results are ready in 3-7 days. Over that, you likewise get an extensive report by a medical survey officer.

This test is exceptionally advantageous and non-intrusive, it has a limited identification window and certain products, for example, potatoes, tomatoes, black tea, may provoke its false-positive results.

NicAlert Saliva Nicotine Test – $17.25 per kit. This is a reasonable kit that provides fast results. The simple to peruse test is a great choice for healthcare experts, school administration, insurance agencies, and research offices. The test can distinguish tobacco use inside the previous 48 hours, and furthermore recognize used smoke.

To manage the test, you expel the strip from the bundle, trying to touch the green-tipped end and replace it on the back of the card incorporated into the kit. Spit in the funnel of the tube making it half full. Close the tube compartment, and squeeze no less than 8 drops on the white end of the strip. You should wait until the white line disappears, which takes around thirty minutes, and see the minimal red band perusing, which is your spit nicotine test perusing.

TobacAlert Instant Saliva Nicotine Test – $17.25 per kit. This is a reasonable test for parents, mentors, businesses, or insurance agencies to identify the level of tobacco. This is the only kit that permits directing a test at your home or work environment and still gives quantitative outcomes as momentary visual interpretation. Even with the fact that this test offers exceptionally precise outcomes, it should not be applied for any medical purposes.

What Is The Nicotine Test and Why Should You Do It?

A nicotine test is applied to check a person for tobacco use. The constant use of tobacco is surely the main preventable cause of death in the USA. Continuous use of this product provokes numerous deadly maladies, and can greatly affect a person’s wellbeing. This is the reason why a huge amount of businesses require the nicotine verification to assess their forthcoming workers. What’s more, there is a multiplicity of occasions why an individual may be required to provide a nicotine test:

1. When a court may arrange nicotine test, as a rule in instances of youngster authority
2. To see whether an individual is getting a nicotine overdose that may provoke/increase the disease he/she is under treatment for
3. A pregnant lady may want to assess the health of her unborn and breastfeeding mothers may want to know if the newborn child is getting hurtful impacts through their milk
4. When health and life coverage companies ask for nicotine testing before they begin their arrangement
5. To check compliance of a person who enters into a smoking discontinuance program
6. When a person is going to have a spinal fusion, orthopedic procedures, wound revision, plastic surgery, organ transplantation, or pulmonary therapy

A nicotine test provides quantitative and qualitative results. The qualitative check for nicotine may uncover the presence of this component in the body of an individual, while quantitative verification for nicotine demonstrates its focus level. So the qualitative testing will help recognize non-tobacco clients, the individuals who have recently stopped smoking, the individuals who are presented with passive smoking, and the individuals who smoke on an ongoing basis.

How to Clear the Organism from Nicotine and Pass a Nicotine Test

In spite of the fact that nicotine is a huge degree addictive component, there are several ways to cheat its verification. Successful verification increases if both therapeutic non-therapeutic guides are applied to adapt to the withdrawal side effects. In most case, you will not have a chance to use the nicotine substitution treatments to rapidly withdraw this substance from your body.

There are some few medications, for example, Zyban and Chantix that can be your therapeutic help and yet do not contain nicotine. These pills have their own particular reactions which can be great degree serious, so ensure you consult your health expert and give him full information on any medical problems you used to have in the past before taking any of these solutions. Here are some steps you may easily do to clear your body and successfully pass this forthcoming test.

– Stop to use nicotine three weeks or minimum 5-7 days before the forthcoming test
– Drinking water may help to clear your organism from nicotine through urine
– Drink some fluids like cranberry juice, other fresh juices, and green tea
– Try to consume many fresh fruits, veggies, and greens. They are antioxidants and furthermore accelerate the procedure of nicotine detoxification from your organism. They also have a huge amount of fiber and water content, those things that speed up the metabolism of nicotine.
– Vitamin C is a perfect antioxidant. It also promotes metabolism.
– Go in for sports, walk a lot, and do some active exercises on a regular basis. Expanded blood flow enables your body to dispose of the considerable number of poisons including cotinine through sweat.
– Choose garlic, onions, and egg yolks for your meals. They help enlarge bile production in your liver and remove the nicotine.
– There are a few drugs/detox drinks that promise to help your organism to clean itself, but consult a health expert before starting this method. We think the majority of these means are just a misuse of cash.
– Do not visit places with a smoke
– Avoid stress and depression.

There is a prompt how to pass a nicotine test: if the test identified nicotine traces, blame it on a possible passive smoking.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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