Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer Review

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Pinnacle Pro is a portable vaporizer that works with oils and dry herb. This vape is an update of a previously famous Pinnacle Classic. It’s a golden middle between desktop vaporizers and vape pens.

It’s probably the best device in the size of a vape pen you can get without compromising the quality. Pinnacle Pro is an excellent choice for everyone who is looking for a small vaporizer that operates equally well with concentrates and dry herb.

Pinnacle Pro kit imagePinnacle Pro Design

Pinnacle Pro vaporizer is so small that you can easily carry it around in your pocket. The vape is five inches long and one inch wide. This unit weighs only 100 grams. Since none of its elements require a carrying case, this device is highly portable.

If you are one of the vapers who take their vape with them anywhere, the Pinnacle vaporizer could be exactly what you are looking for. The black finish of Pinnacle Pro makes it an excellent choice for stealthy vapers.

The design of this vaporizer is very sleek and minimalist. It’s exterior is clean, smooth and sophisticated at the same time.

Pinnacle Pro settings imagePinnacle Pro Operation

Pinnacle Pro vape is one of the easiest vapes to operate since it has only one button. Its major bonus is that you can use your favorite oils and herbs with one vape. This feature makes the Pinnacle Pro stand out from the competition since most of the portable vaporizers are compatible with one material only.

buy cannabis buds bannerThe Pinnacle Pro has a speedy heating system. Regardless of whether you use dry herb or oil, your vape is ready to produce dense clouds of vapor in less than one minute. This vape uses convection heating method, meaning that the heating element contacts the material directly. This method allows you to use your materials sparingly compared to other heating methods.

Pinnacle Pro chamber imageIf you are not used to convection vaporizers, we recommend you to use this one carefully before you get used to it. Since the material heats up well quickly, you might find the heat uncomfortable at first.

The LED light system of the vaporizer facilitates its smooth operation. You can easily see the remaining battery life by holding down the power button and activating the LED display. The five-light system will let you know how much charge you have in a real-time mode.

Pinnacle Pro Performance

According to numerous Pinnacle vaporizer reviews, this vape is better off in the hands of experienced vapers rather than in a beginner’s embrace. The Pinnacle vape makes every draw perfect thanks to its construction.

Pinnacle Pro imageIts heating chamber is situated next to the mouthpiece. Because of this, your draws will be crisp and clean all the time, as long as there is any material left in the chamber.

Since the heat is located so close to the mouthpiece, we do not recommend you to use the highest heat settings. Also, longer and weaker draws are more recommended than sharp, strong ones. Following these two tips, you will not burn your mouth with the vapor that’s too hot to be comfortable.

We advise you to experiment with the temperature and the draws after you get used to the vaporizer. The temperature range of this vape is 370-470 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pinnacle Pro with hydrotube imageTwo Sides of Pinnacle Pro

Just like any other product, this vaporizer has both advantages and disadvantages. Here are the things that most users mention in their Pinnacle vaporizer reviews.

Advantages of Pinnacle Pro

– Compatible with dry herb and oil;
– Great vapor production;
– Speedy heating system;
– Stealthy exterior;
– Compact;
– Ergonomic.

Disadvantages of Pinnacle Pro

– The vape battery drains in around 40 minutes of continuous use with the highest settings;
– The heating element may make the mouthpiece and the vapor uncomfortably hot.

Pinnacle Pro adapter imageFinal Thoughts

People are looking for different things when they are searching for a portable vaporizer. Some need a device to evaporate oils; others need it for dry herbs. Some users prefer convectional heating while others prefer conduction. The Pinnacle Pro is definitely one of the best portable vapes you can currently find.

Even though you can find vaporizers that deliver better vaping quality, it’s hardly possible to find a device that will cope both with oils and dry herb at the same time.

If you are experienced vaper looking for a versatile and compact device to accompany you anywhere you go, we recommend you to take a closer look at the Pinnacle Pro. The functionality of this vaporizer will not leave you disappointed.


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