Vape Popping and Spitting Reasons

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This review aims to answer the questions like why is my vape popping or and share on some tips and tricks an inexperienced user would cherish.

So, the first thing every vaper should know, popping, in general, is a regular thing. The sound means the vape is working in its normal mode. When the coil heats, the vape juice that touches to the hot surfaces gets vaporized very fast, and that causes vape crackling.

Each experienced user knows the way their vape cracks. So, the question why does my vape pop and crackle seems to be covered. Yet, if the sound changes or gets too frequent and annoying, that’s the reason for concern.

Vaper’s Tongue bad taste imageLet’s define the main reasons of vape popping and crackling sounds.

Low Voltage/Wattage

With the sub ohm vaping setup you usually use a tank with the open airflow. This means more air traveling through the hole intensifying the e-liquids flow to the coil. When in the meanwhile the temperature is too low to vaporize all of the e-liquid, you flood your coil. In other words, the coil should be hot enough to vaporize your flavorful juices at the speed of sound.

To make the idea clear, we can compare your e-liquid chamber with the kettle. The water closer to the bottom of the pot boils first sending the bubbles of air to the top. The same will happen if you flood the atomizer. The vapor will push the hot e-liquid up, and it has all chances of vape popping in the mouth.

In this case, the best way to avoid the vape spitting is increase the wattage of the e-cigarette so that all of the e-liquid vaporizers at the same time.

E-Liquid Ingredients

Let’s speak of the propylene glycol. This wonderful substance allows for great clouds of flavor, but it’s also thin and should be approached with logic. Being lightweight, it vaporizers at low temperature and does it fast.

It also travels fast, when forced by air. Using it with a vaporizer that has enormous airflow holes, like most of the sub-ohm tanks have, you will end up in constant vape spitting.

e-juice bottles imageUsing the proper e-liquid with the matching type of device is the key to success. With sub-ohm tanks, it’s more advisable to use the mixes containing more of the vegetable glycerin, which is thicker and turns into vapor at a higher temperature.

Coil Design

The coil is the best man of the vaping party, meaning that it should keep everything hot. Logically, the bigger the coil area is, the hotter e-liquid gets. We have twisted, braided and Clapton coils which all work well, but have plenty of nooks and crannies that collect the e-liquid.

It is almost not possible to avoid, but in case you prepare coils on your own, make sure you twist them tight. Another factor that does influence vape popping and spitting is the position of the coil. The vertical build of the coil helps avoid spitting almost completely.

vape tank dual coil imageThe thing is that the vapor travels in the direction perpendicular to the coil, meaning if the latter is vertical the spit e-liquid will move to the walls of the chamber first, whirling inside the atomizer.

Wide Airflow Setting

What should you do if you prefer some cooler vape? You try not to increase the wattage and keep the coils colder. But if you don’t do anything with the amount of e-liquid preset to the hotter vaping mode, it will collect in the atomizer and will fly up at some point.

In this case, it’s reasonable to soften the airflow, by narrowing the holes. The thing is that you keep the amount of e-liquid corresponding to the wattage level.

Flooded Atomizer

This is the ultimate answer to the question “Why does my vape pop?” With the rebuildable atomizers, a vaper is a person that sends e-liquid to the coils. If the atomizer has too much of juice, it will push it back, and even if not, you’ll have the decreased vapor production.

a couple vapingStill, if you flood your chamber because you continuously get hard hits, you’d rather looked inside your RDA when you have a dry hit and check if the wick ends are wet when the middle is dry. If yes, trim the ends, as the little nasty ones are stealing juice from the central part the gets hot and dries faster.


Whatever the reason for your vape popping and spitting is, with some of the smart approaches and care your problem can be solved. Try to learn what exactly you do wrong. Understanding the primary cause of the question “Why is my vape spitting?” will let you avoid problems in future and stay a happy vaper with the fantastically productive device, that others can only be jealous about.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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