How to Make a Juul Charger

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diy juul charger

It seems like there is a DIY tutorial for everything nowadays. YouTube videos can even teach you how to make a Juul charger or how to charge Juul without a charger.

Even though creating a homemade Juul charger might sound like a good idea to you, there is more than one good reason not to do it.

Firstly, every manufacturer warns you not to use their products with any unauthorized equipment. A DIY Juul charger can be hazardous for the device and its owner as well.

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homemade juul charger

You might think you are doing everything right and still mess up greatly in the end. Why? You are not an authorized manufacturer working with the needed materials, equipment, and having the right skills and knowledge to do the job well.

What’s more, trying to charge Juul without its charger can damage or even break the device completely. If you wonder how to make a Juul charger to save money, check out the price for the authorized chargers as well.

You can easily find them for under $10 everywhere. It’s better to go to a store or wait a day or two for delivery than end up with a burnt device and bitterness. 

how to charge a juul

It’s a no-brainer when it comes to how to charge a Juul: use the authorized charger. Just like you would with your iPhone, laptop or any other piece of equipment you value.

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Juul is a closed system that cannot be modified, updated, or charged with the help of any unauthorized tools or means.

You can get a Juul charger for a cheap price almost everywhere, but you won’t be able to replace your favorite Juul so easily if you damage it with a poorly crafter handmade charger

how to make a juul charger

If you want to save money, the right thing to do is to get a new authorized Juul charger instead of the old/missing/broken one you cannot use anymore.

Creating a DIY charging device is not safe for you, your household, and the device itself. Don’t trust the social media “experts” who claim you can make your own charger with next to no expenses. It’s always better to go the safe way.


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