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This piece is about to win fans in the segment of discreet vaporizers. The last-word vaporizer weed inhaler looks like nothing else but a medical inhaler and has earned the fame of quite an odd tool with no analogy among other vaporizers. Meet the Puffit Vaporizer from Puffitup!

The release to the market was in 2012, so this herb vaporizer is not new. Still, if you haven’t heard of it yet, we offer our Puffit inhaler vaporizer review to your service.

The Puffit Starter Kit

The Puffit inhaler vaporizer comes in a portable neoprene carry bag, where you can find a vaporizer unit, a USB charger, replacement screens, an herb-stirring attachment, a silicone heat shield, a replaceable hygienic mouthpiece, and a tool for cleaning or packing herbs.

Puffit Inhaler Vaporizer Design

Regarding the design of the Puffit vaporizer, you will think about the advantages of its use in public. No one, but fellow-vaporizers will recognize a vaporizer under the mask of a thick asthma inhaler. You won’t get into trouble in a place with a vaping ban.

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If the discreet design is not a paramountcy for you, the Puffit inhaler will buy your affection with other handy features. One of them is portability and ease of on-the-go use, perfect for ever-busy vaporizers chasing eminent success but not clouds.

Another pro is about the absence of odor irritating public since all of the vapor will get into your lungs. A chain of positive features continues with an affordable price. It’s only $160 which is pretty low, yet you get a smell of plastic and silicone parts when vaping. Well, it’s like when a customer asks for a perfect device at a low price and the salesperson answers: “We have one item for you. It’s called DIY”. In other words, you can never have all-in-one and no surprises.

How to Use Puffit Vaporizer

PuffIt Inhaler exterior
To use the Puffit vaporizer is as easy as taking candy from a baby (though we don’t recommend the latter). Unscrew the cap, load the herb and take the mouthpiece off to set the piece ready. Then, depress a cap to start heating and all done. There are no overmuch features like buttons, to muddle the flawless process, neither you should take any extra actions. All is that straightforward.

The caps of Puffit inhaler act differently. One compresses herbs in the chamber, and another stirs them up. This second one is the cherry on the cake because you don’t have to open the tank for mixing herbs manually, as some other devices require. Plus, you are sure that nothing is left untouched inside the chamber.

PuffIt Inhaler inside
On turning on, the LED light goes green. You need ten-second heating to start vaping. Once the temperature level is enough, depress the top.

How Puffit Vaporizer Works

With a little bit of experience and some bumps, you can master our vaporizer inhaler. It produces the medium level of vapor though some users report real clouds. It turns out to be up to one’s proficiency, but we have some tips to help you go well from the start. Firstly, it’s better to insert the springs that come in the box. Then, the vapor quality raises when you let the Puffit inhaler reach its best temperature, even if it means waiting longer.

PuffIt Inhaler size
If you use it fast, the first draws will be good, but then you’ll get nothing but hot air. So you have to choose the best tempo to adjust.

An additionally advantageous feature is the temperature control offering eight heat levels to better match customer preferences. Also, an auto shut-off, set to the cycle of 90 seconds prevents the energy loss. To activate the device after the shut-off, just press the top cap for a re-heat, and again, it’s no fuss.

Let’s sum up the best and worst sides of the Puffit inhaler vaporizer:

– Good price
– Excellent vapor as you get adjusted to settings
– Discreet design
– Handy stirring caps

– You should spend really much time and effort until you get a good taste
– Somewhat hard to control
– Loses in comparison with weed vaporizers offering broader options


Like most of the vaporizers on the market, the Puffit vaporizer inhaler doesn’t try to beat the quality records in all the categories but chooses one trait to excel. Its strong side is obscurity, and it goes best for customers who try to hide their vaping habit. Being perfect in that, the Puffit inhaler vaporizer also features a moderate price and good-to-go vaping experience, so ones who admire its design, won’t return the purchase reporting the heavy-handed quality of use.

It is not a thing to evidence the best flavor ever, and the market has a plentiful of such devices, but they aren’t as convenient as Puffit when it comes to taking the vaporizer to a club or party without being spotted.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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