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Either beginners or aces, all of the vaper crowd will love this piece of vaping art. Sticking to the style of Juul, Cync, Von Etl and others, Eleaf has launched the iCare Mini as a scaled-down version of iCare, but with a considerable advantage.

Unlike the Juul-like devices, all being closed systems, iCare Mini is an open one! Other pros of the proposed device are just as compelling. Thus, we offer you a short review of the latest invention of Eleaf.

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What’s in the Box?

The Eleaf iCare starter kit contains iCare Mini, a portable charging case (PCC), 2 x 1.1-ohm coils heads (one pre-set), a USB charger, and, traditionally, a user manual.

Eleaf iCare Mini box imageEleaf iCare Mini Specs and Figures

The iCare Mini looks pretty much similar to iCare with a difference in width. The mini version is considerably narrower.
– Tank: 1.3 mL
– Eleaf iCare Mini coils: 1.1 ohm
– Airflow: adjusted
– Format: 24.5mm*12mm*75mm (W/D/H)
Vape battery capacity: 320mAh
– PCC capacity: 2300mAh


iCare Mini Build

Eleaf iCare Mini coils imageThe platform of iCare Eleaf is similar to the one of Kanger Cupti, having a tank integrated with a mod, and a long chimney connected to the vape coil. The device is draw-activated. A considerable step forward from iCare classic is a portable charging case which extends a battery and is a serviceable back-up for all-day round use. This add-on enables a user to continue vaping while having the device charged and what is more stunning: even with a PCC on, iCare Eleaf Mini is still compact and portable.

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The Eleaf iCare coils are of the average quality. To operate at their best, they need e-juice with no more than 70% VG, though the manufacturer advises sticking to a 50/50 ratio. The coil heads absorb the liquid well thanks to the alternating wick holes, but it doesn’t work well with thick contents, so one has to pay attention to viscosity.

How to use the iCare Mini

Drop some e-liquid on the coil and set it aside. Put off the mouthpiece with your fingers and unscrew the chimney. You may use the rectangular cutout on the bottom of the mouthpiece. Fill the tank with juice but be careful not to overfill it. Mind the limiting line. Afterward, attach the coil to the base of the chimney, put the latter into a tank and screw it on. After placing the mouthpiece to finalize the set-up, start vaping.

You can adjust the airflow by using the five-hole ring at the chimney-top. Taken away, it gives you the most open setting, while entirely closed, the ring enables the tightest draw. Even when closed it still lets the air through.

How Eleaf iCare Mini Works

Eleaf iCare Mini charging imageEleaf iCare is a well-performing device, producing a chock-full amount of vapor for its tiny size. Due to the volume restriction, the e-juice capacity is a bit limited so that you may need some backup liquid at hand. The PCC compensates for small battery capacity.

To illustrate the vapor quality, we take Juul and Cync for contrast, and if the first one loses in comparison with iCare Mini, the second one performs equivalently.

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A user may fancy various airflow settings, which allow correlating the throat hit levels. Still, vaping savvies will admit muted vapor as compared to more intensive setups. To advocate for iCare, we emphasize that this vape is not designed for cloud tornados or flavor tournaments but targets the audience adhering to the smaller-is-better philosophy.

iCare Design

Eleaf iCare Mini colors imageThe state-of-the-art design of iCare is an amalgamation of sturdiness, quality, and minimalism. But there are small peculiarities that could make the product better. Specifically, to reach the air-flow controller, that is quite a useful part by itself, one has to take off the mouthpiece and the chimney and then to screw them on. All of that needed to try the airflow strength to your taste. Imagine all the hustle you get when deciding what mode works best!

Another oddity comes to light when you try filling the tank. It’s super easy until you have to find the limit line. Producers definitely should have invented a more user-friendly way to indicate the liquid level.

The functionality may turn to be a stab in the back, as the mechanism sometimes starts auto-firing, which is not easy to stop because of design.

Furthermore, the e-liquid leaks as you leave the device without a chimney screwed on, and the spare parts aren’t available. For instance, the tank window glass is quite fragile, and once you break it, there is no way for replacing. Therefore, an owner should be ready to pay attention to maintenance and storage to have a long-lasting positive user experience.

Like all the fine-grained devices iCare has its strengths and weaknesses. This invention isn’t the most perfect, though it might be one of them. We have prepared a pros-vs.-cons Eleaf iCare reviews to help future users decide whether or not iCare is their thing.

What we like it for:
– Beautiful and clean-line design
– Adjusted airflow with multiple settings
– Fast to heat up
– Responsive draw
– Portable charger included in the Eleaf iCare kit
– Reasonable price
– Good vapor amount

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What we don’t like it for:
– To set an airflow mode, you have to take out chimney and coil
– Not firmly attached to PCC
– Flavor could be better
– Leaks when left without chimney on
– Auto-fires
– The tank window is fragile and no possibility to buy a spare one

With careful maintenance and storage, Eleaf iCare Mini is an excellent solution for i-lovers, social animals and moderate vapers needing some on-the-go e-cig to take out. An eye-catching design plus ergonomic size make it perfect for public events, but it is not the right piece for experienced cloud-chasers or major-league quality adepts.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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